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Are commercial intelligence and management of effect of outstanding achievement
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2005, chinese commerce intelligence (BI) software market sale achieves 1.015 billion yuan of RMBs, year increase rate achieves 54.96 % , meanwhile, advisory orgnaization Gartner points out, market of BI of predicting whole world can reach 2.5 billion dollar 2006, than going up year rise 6.2, hopeful broke through 3 billion dollar 2009.

And in the element that grows quickly in drive BI market, performance government is most remarkable, “ solution is placed over, but the person that apply is very few still however. Company performance management is BI next development and application. ColleenGraham of ”Gartner chief analyst is certain to this do not move. Have more very person, the dragon of banner supplier hypo of BI market (Hyperion) will issue fixed position of generation BI product clearly to manage at company performance (BPM, businessPerformanceManagement) . So, how are two ideas that see the nonrelevant that be like fine long hair contacted together?

Change to the perspective of business from the technology

Alleged BI, the business affairs with use the data belongings of the enterprise to make better through intelligent ground namely is decision-making. The member that its means says the decision-maker of all sorts of enterprises with the data storehouse in the enterprise (DataWarehouse) is this, the inquiry with sundry by analyses a tool (Query/ReportTools) , online analysis is handled (OLAP) tool, or it is data mining (the industry knowledge that DataMining) tool increases decision-making program staff, obtain advantageous information from inside data storehouse, help an enterprise rise then gain profit, increase productivity and competition ability.

According to the definition of IDC, BPM is compose builds an automation system, help enterprise is evaluated and optimize company operation (if control) , help enterprise discovers and perhaps build new commercial opportunity, it is set strategy goal, be measured next and manage performance to make with the business of telesis can implement. The BPM flow of core includes the monitoring of the finance affairs and operation plan, amalgamative forms for reporting statistics and report, KPIs that builds model, analysis, report to organize the strategy.

Can see from inside the comparison of both concept, same point is the business data with the collection that needs trends, processing and analytic existing company, the managemant decision that is future provides a basis, differentia is BI lay particular stress on is the technical level such as DW, OLAP, DM, be united in wedlock from different point of view when BI technology and business, can produce disparate BI application pattern. BPM pays close attention to the business level such as company strategy, performance more, according to the definition of Gartner, BPM includes to build target, business affairs to build program of model, company, executive monitoring, analysis and report 6 link. From the integral business end of the enterprise, plan to the target of a certain branch and carry out, BPM can be enclothed. Accordingly, BPM is understandable to be based on the mode of a kind of application of BI technology, latter is former technical base, former it is the latter specific application in business domain, namely latter is former foundation, make an user deep have an insight into the management condition with current business; Former the advanced application that is latter, make an user thorough foreknow the direction of management of company future, formulate right strategy.
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