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The enterprise uses 10 kinds of methods of commercial intelligence system
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To most person, enterprise intelligence is changed is no longer a kind wizard. A few clew will give out below, they will help you ensure your job can be begun smoothly.

BI is not an IT project. In the first tide that implements BI system, too much company forgot this, in company director people when the data that grasps them is not put, they initiated the turf battle of a miniature, meanwhile IT branch also is in try to found a new world order. They forgot such a bit: BI system just operates sexual tool, this tool should be by look forward to already manages people will achieve support, and company director needs support their demand with this tool.

Realise different user needs. Not be everybody needs the user interface; with a comprehensive function the interface that most employee likelihood is willing to see a course chooses meticulously more, will tell them what need knows through this interface. Through the user the method of custom-built BI system promotes BI system is a when reduce problem complexity very good method.

Now your job is real time, so your data also should be real time. The angle that reports from compose convention sets out, forms for reporting statistics filling in immediately after the task that finish is a kind of very good method. Focus your attention at real time assemble and analysis to operate data to go up, such your meetings get more is benefited.

Establish incident relationship. If do not have incident to concern, the most valuable business information also can lose value. It is no matter it is the information about the client, detailed geographical information, still be the trend chart related to business, the business that you should add your you goes among the model.

Serve the right with enough representative to the client. If say somebody needs real time information, the client that this person should be you serves a delegate. If they can visit pertinent historical information in time (can apply to likewise other concern may produce a client to change the project) of the income respect with etc future, so before they are beginning corresponding service will may more active, thereby the client of the competitor that those may change clench to you at any time.

Clear your data. If BI system is the word that arises by incorrect data place, so this system will be worthless. The regular data to you undertakes clear and centralized its, the conclusion that the interface that redesigns applied process can yield you to ensure systematic place arises with reducing a mistake is worth while authentic.

Let client and partner like BI system. If you were answering the inquiry respect of client and partner to spend too much time, so the limits of authority that asks you to consider platform of BI of their a few visits, such they themselves can go up to get relevant forms for reporting statistics and information in real time from BI platform.
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