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How is the grandchildren strategics in BI data change usable information
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" grandchildren strategics " say " the bosom friend knows those, 100 battle not to danger " , and commercial intelligence (the core concept of BI) also absolutely.

The enterprise nowadays is collected and stored huge data. Make full use of these data can let an enterprise develop continuously not only, still can help them get competitive advantage at the same time, create a better, more effective work environment. Commercial handler thinks consistently, the BI that is based on accurate information and analysis are the key that achieves this one goal.

Say from broad sense, BI already experienced the harships 100000. Be in early " grandchildren strategics " put forward in one book, take a battle to win, advocate the advantage that handsome beard understands in the round and masters oneself and adversary and weak force. And the core concept of contemporary BI also is such - as a company, must deep him understanding, client and competitor.

   The multiply of new technology

BI is in all the time ceaselessly developmental development. At this late hour, the enterprise had tool and professional knowledge to undertake according to the fact decision-making. Of course, the data with these decision-making accurate and consistent need will support, this also is one of main essential factor of BI strategy.

As BI demand grow, in IT industry ecbolic a series of main technique, turn into everything impossibly ceaselessly likelihood. From inchoate onefold forms for reporting statistics, arrive multidimensional analysis, arrive again fictitious change with multilayer deploy. However up-to-date, a lot of companies still cannot hold the dominant position that BI place brings.

Actually, any enterprises can involve partial BI in manage, can be simple operation report forms, also can be complex electronic form application. Among them, the issue that makes a person headache most is data quality. The accord of information and accurate the crucial essential factor that is BI strategy. But, when the enterprise too when counting the data source inside some limits, they can face the risk with abhorrent data.

   Abhorrent data

In daily life, the example everywhere with abhorrent data is visible. Receive the letter of clerical error full name, address or postcode for instance. These wrong misunderstanding produce negative effect to communication.

And in the enterprise, this one problem is magnified by twice, because this influence that it brings also is magnified by twice. Below environment of a business, data is abhorrent will cause decision-making error finally. Because input a mistake,be met probably in your CRM system for instance and bring about the supplier with much home duplicate name appears below same address, cause needless trouble. The consistency in ensuring data applies move to another to use a process from and accuracy are a when the enterprise must face severe problem.
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