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Operation commerce intelligence uses the development trend that will be future
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The business that commercial intelligence application is the same as an user and flow are more and more close together and relevant, the target that commercial intelligence uses in the enterprise is senior administrator only no longer, included the administrator of each level in the enterprise and business personnel however. "As the further development that commercial intelligence uses, operation commerce intelligence uses the development trend that will be future. " intelligence of business of HP software department (Ben Barnes of BI) branch general manager says, operation commerce intelligence pays close attention to more at management, optimize the professional work with day-to-day business to move, will accurate information is pushed in right time give correct business staff, answer quickly next, so that can help an user,settle trade problem and satisfy new demand for service.

   Real time sex decides decision-making value

The day-to-day government that wants contented user and decision-making, the requirement of real time sex of operation commerce intelligence is become inevitable. To the importance of real time sex, ben Barnes says with daily large business activity purchases applied citing mediumly, two axes are set on a piece of graph, cross axle represents time, x-axis delegate picks the value that plan of be decided by brings. Engrave in some, the merchandise that a client wants to buy stops money, if we make response quickly inside shorter time, the derogation of the enterprise is opposite less; conversely, we use decision-making time to grow more, the value of its place correspondence is lower.

In short, namely as decision-making time lengthen, the profit of the enterprise and client satisfaction are spent decreasing ceaselessly, so, in right time, make with accurate data correct decision-making, the data news that effectively attune takes a company to ensuring the growth of the normal operation of the company and company profit is crucial.

As a result of real time operation is decision-making very important to company operation, the demand of real time sex that and these average users are opposite commercial intelligence system provides a service is higher and higher, more and more enterprises had decision-making technological process and real time news closer connection.

   Unite data storehouse and forms for reporting statistics

Should satisfy the requirement that sex of the real time in operation commerce intelligence uses, the company needs from the to load in more data sources more data, undertake to its more frequent newer. To application of general business intelligence character, it includes 3 big component: Data changes an operation (of storehouse of ETL) , data, decision-making information offer and reveal, data storehouse still is among them one of the most important parts. When storehouse of to load data, should support real time mix data to load, newlier draw-out, can keep online in the database when, operate many watches at the same time, because stop an user,visit database will cause inestimable loss.
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