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Cooperate with the characteristic that software should walk out of him in conflu
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Cooperate with and of the concept of OA contend for, had neared end it seems that.

This can be represented most in coordination software and other office software whether concomitant case, after passing those who count year of concept to contend for, end with square without final triumph ending, announced to cooperate with the coexistence of software and OA.

Be in harmony is amalgamative raising of things to a higher level is other the function of the product. A clarity expands a line Anacreonticly, place in each to cooperate with already before the brand.

Bounds no longer trenchant

From during software is born, begin in coordination, was destined its cannot cast off the shadow that comes from OA.

The long ” of “ of historical it may be said of OA, OK even the getaway that informatization of restrospect to enterprise builds level. Although the development of more than 20 years of OA is not lukewarm not fire, but in fact since its are long-term all the time cautious and conscientious is bearing heavy responsibility of “ OA ” , help enterprise was marched toward quickly from traditional manual office turn office without paper, become informatization to build the sign of a milepost on road thereby.

As the change of market big environment, of business management concept update ceaselessly, traditional OA cannot have satisfied the requirement of business management more and more as a result of its limitation. And cooperate with what apply in coordination is software concept, arisen, invite the founding member in course of ” of this “ OA, be in brim position for a time.

Can say to cooperate with the certain function of software, basic be traditional OA is duplicate. The archives is on the move, announcement of arrangement of information of archives management, human affairs, program, announcement, the function with these traditional necessary OA, also be to cooperate with at present one of basic functions of the product. OA chime is the same as software consanguineous close, not only consumer identifies hard, even the expert is bad to make those who make clear is divisional.

Because this will cooperate with undertake enforcing differentiating with OA, it is a more complex task. Click science and technology and answer dawn assist amount to try to cooperate with “ all the time of software ” and bounds of traditional OA make a clear distinction, from the market feedback looks, after raising the cost that teachs the market considerably, helpless cooperate with at popularizing “ software ” .

Consequently, cooperate with if the manufacturer includes OA concept, handle official bussiness in coordination with “ ” comes as the foundation compose builds integral market, can reduce the cost that teachs the market effectively, more be helpful for accelerating an user to cooperate with to “ the self-identity of software ” . Float is tiny handle official bussiness in coordination with “ “ builds the product line below the banner for core compose, it is the typical case of concept of successful and shirt-sleeve OA, worth while and other trademark is drawn lessons from.
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