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Business information is optimized implement in coordination the source that soft
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Cooperate with software to increasing the important import of company efficiency, of the increasingly clear person that place in each business management before. Improve efficiency, become a company already to cooperating with the most pressing demand of software.

   The ” of “ butterfly effect of employee efficiency

A butterfly is in “ Brazil dabs wing, can bring about a tornado of the Texas after a month. In concept of ” butterfly effect, the little change below initiative condition can drive the long-term tremendous chain-reacting of whole system, likewise applicable to business management.

Because the salesperson sells data to disperse, need the collect time of two addition hours, reflect administrative layer side, can lose the best judgement to the market even, affect those who issue a quarter to sell a plan to make thereby. To the enterprise, this kind of loss is tremendous. Personnel numerous, orgnaization is complex, amount of file of firm daily office is large, examine and approve administrative levels much, these enterprises keep the complex technological process that be in generally, held administrator greater part to divide time, work efficiency gets great influence. Employee efficiency regards enterprise whole as the cornerstone of efficiency, it is to cooperate with the problem that software should solve above all.

And from at present the mainstream product on the market looks, no matter be extensive small manage applied platform in coordination (E-cology) , still cause far A8 system with friend, on promotion employee work efficiency, having outstanding show.

The height of information is shared is these cooperate with the common characteristic of software. It is OK that information is shared the produces its itself value of utmost, no matter be business management person, employee, external still partner, OK very convenient search pertinent information in order to support clerical processing, use information to create new value. The each series product that floats small division falls, have a piece of complete “ website ” , some kind is relied on between every information node, or relation of logic of some a few kinds of business undertakes correlation, the person that visit can break through the worry of information Gu island completely, the oneself get to care in moving back and forth in this piece of website information that freelies easily thereby. Come so, self-evident to the promotion action of employee work efficiency.

Cooperate with the software promotion to efficiency action, for the enterprise to crossing region, particularly apparent. The employee of different area, can adopt a collective systematic platform, obtain the up to date information of enterprise and business, the place of office of fictitious concentration type that forms to rely on at the network existence.
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