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In coordination the product of core competition ability of OA software and servi
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Cooperate with from 2002 the concept is in China arisen already had 6 year up to now, china cooperates with software market with year compound increase rate 32. The speed of 71 % is swift and violent increase by degrees, only 2005, in coordination software market had been achieved 38. 200 million yuan. During this, chinese mainland cooperates with if software company erupts like emerge, at present already more than 500 cooperate with the great river north and south that software company spreads all over China. In the market competition with complex numerous and complicated, battle of price war, saliva, undermine the foundation, can be found everywhere, the company that has competition ability truly is very few however, the core competition ability that why retains oneself has become each to cooperate with the urgent affairs of software firm.

Alleged competition ability, no more than is the argument that invites user choice. Be in in coordination software product changes today, buying software is to buy a product namely, the actor bad of product quality still is one of crucial factors that affect user type selecting. But to developing several years cooperate with software market, handle official bussiness in coordination of software coessential changing an appearance is the fact that can not deny, seeking poor dissimilation to compete is a kind inevitable. Innovation application also lays arise at the historic moment in such setting just about.

Capture company core requirement to form concept of innovation of be born type

Above all, the end that wants recognize enterprise informatization wheres. Present enterprise user already from 10 years before puerile in complete decay came out, the choice cooperates with the source of OA product promotes government namely, management is to need system, system to need to carry out, executive need standard, this standard can rely on to cooperate with this tool passes OA office software flow administration will come true. Accordingly, in product level, how each each branches in the enterprise since more effective organization, organizations, till between the individual handle official bussiness in coordination environment, bring its into play adequately between group and group, individual and individual cooperate enthusiasm, the efficient job that finish leaves in standard, orderly circumstance, promote the integral promotion of employee quality, in order to answer prospective challenge, this ability is the key that place of user type selecting pays close attention to. Float is tiny the angle in the product, already go ahead of the rest one pace, go in a gleam of of innovation.

Float is tiny cooperate with the original intention of OA platform is “ ecology, environment gets used to the meaning that learns ” , naming E-cology is extensive small the understanding that builds way to enterprise informatization. The informatization enterprise in the future is the electron with a compositive height changes an organization not just, it is one runs good ecosystem more, it is one can pass resource of pair of ministry of inside and outside absorb will undertake oneself trends is adjusted suit with external environment, the innovation that realizes whole thereby, grow and developmental life is hypostatic. Float is tiny assist OA platform is core nutrition with intellectual management, run in coordination for developmental method, make the resource achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject of the enterprise, get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, face changeful outside ambient vibrantly with brand-new figure from beginning to end.
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