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Handle official bussiness in coordination software needs to do good data mining
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Of computer network build, the choice of equipment and application software is not the bottleneck that restricts enterprise informatization construction. The significant information resource that how turns dispersive, isolated of all kinds news into network tries to make full use of, will dispersive information system undertakes conformity, eliminate information Gu island, realizing information natural resources to share talent is crucial place.

Laid network, buy hardware, installation management software, building a system is not substaintial, development of information natural resources is used, the masterstroke that information mining just is enterprise informatization. Also have only such, the information that enterprise informatization ability supports segment of the business in removing an enterprise to develop a process quite joins, standard of data report, flow and resource mining, ability help enterprise comes true interior management is changed subtly and core application is compositive change, implementation competes to span to what manage competition from resource.

The information that is about to drive enterprise interior on this foundation is shared and business cooperates with.

In informatization initial stage, what the enterprise cares more is the informatization of process of “ sale ” , accordingly, sale management software is popular. Current, relation of the sale software of business level, client manages and the OA of level of project management software, administration manages resource of software, financial management software, manpower to manage software to wait become informatization to build core content. More the enterprise faces client group, it is in order to sell oriented, propagandist product. But if enterprise informatization stays in this primary level merely, that was equivalent to founding ” of island of Gu of each “ information in enterprise interior or ” of island of “ business Gu. These Gu island itself are not a problem, but if mutual between the information with necessary lack is shared and business can give company operation to bring a lot of needless troubles in coordination.

This moment cooperates with with respect to need software will produce effect.

Cooperate with software (Collaboration Software) is the synergic software tool that shows those are a target with group efforts, basically include group of group efforts management, be like: The job sheds management, project management to wait a moment; Company application collect is become information is shared and business provided a measure in coordination, but its value must rely on conformity of business information system systematic data compositive, process flow is compositive, compositive wait for a method to try to reflect. Must pass inside information consequently share and of business cooperate with, the enterprise existing data and application do not have aperture ground compositive arrive one case, let manage a system to be able to provide the information that wants from unified channel visit for the user, the place that finish needs to trade. Only data is shared, exercise is moved repeatedly, enterprise informatization ability provides efficient business work platform and management for the enterprise decision-making platform, become true company pool efforts.
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