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Gold and labor force are waited for hair expect to cooperate with the market
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A few days ago, country is the biggest cooperate with gold of software firm —— and software, in investment of the beginning of the year 100 million yuan of capital undertake the market pull after moving, once more high-key roll out its channel is new politics, accelerated the process of get ready for fight. “ grooms except convention outside, entire agency is daily groom those who obtain a hour remotely. And IOA/S product will give entirely agency is done, headquarters has a client assist after talking, delimit unplug each district, before agency needs only, go to sign a contract. ” gold and chief of software channel department introduce.

Quicken dilate not only, more seek elite force! Gold and brazenly started the big training before “ reaps ” greatly! Last a period of time 8 years await, does China cooperate with whether does software industry greet “ harvest ” ? All awaiting the market situation that cuts theatrical work, who will unplug so that the head prepares? Weep in former days scatter those who plant, today whether cheer reap?

Endless “ hatch ”

China cooperates with software market used time of 8 years, not only test cultivated on soil person endurance, more revealed it to sow distinctly with harvest. According to data of IDC, Gartner showed a few days ago: “2008 year first half of the year, china cooperates with software market rises 15.2% compared to the same period. ” cooperates with spirit experienced process of lengthy “ hatch ” , let people see the hope of the bumper harvest eventually.

Today's China is just like the American market 10 years ago, the software growth such as ERP, CRM is put delay and rise of software quickly in coordination formed bright contrast. But the Chinese market 10 years ago, the trailblazer that lets a batch however reachs a conclusion: “ sows to also do not sprout, hatch also does not grow, this is to cooperate with together the ground of the barren pretty of software! ”

Manage father, gold and software president Luan Runfeng accurately, regard this land as one of the earliest trailblazer, fine number rises myriad of the deep feeling when future associate with: “ gold and software are country goes the first times in own research and development cooperate with the manufacturer of software, also be exclusive the manufacturer that winter of a get over greets spring. If do not have in those days hold to, also mix without today's gold! ”

Already ground 1997 give out gold and software the Luan Runfeng of 1 version, experienced harsh cold winter. Came 1997 2000, gold and software create the “ miracle ” of 0 income 3 years continuously. But subsequently expression, the people that lets those be exited already however surpriseds unceasingly. 2000-2003 annuity and sale rise from 0 violent wind 10 million, be in subsequently annual middleman and guarantor is holding nearly 300% high speed to grow. And in former days little known Xiaogong manages this today, not only year sale amounts to several yuan to become country the biggest, and the main partner that becomes IBM, Microsoft.
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