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In coordination whether will software replace OA system?
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Nbsp; Offends an eye to hang what label, has advantage to be gotten toward which, this is the businessman's current way. Suddenly then “ city wall alternates king banner ” , manufacturer of a few traditional OA shakes his head in succession change, cover the coat that went up to cooperate with, so-called oneself cooperate with for “ software ” , answer the manufacturer that gather temporarily actually many. Public figure of a few industry puts character OA even already past the appointed time is outdated, in coordination software will replace OA system. The person that talk in coordination says, in coordination software has office application platform not only, still support ERP, CRM, human affairs government at the same time, even financial management waits, cooperate with it seems that software is “ size sweep the deck, omnipotent ” , what can solve OA system is main short board a variety of — information the integrated problem of resource.

But is this kind of phenomenon normal? Is this kind of point of view proper?

Analyse deep, advocated the person that cooperate with to be immersed in the error of ” of function of extensive of a “ it seems that now, try to solve all application unit with a software all difficulty problems, all function that provides place to want, this makes this breaks away from original essence, core possibly---Automation of office information processing, rich and not only, float and not deep.

Want you to agree to pay only, the function of software is OK of indefinite extension, a few in coordination software firm is capturing a lot of applied unit “ to have an insatiable desire for psychology of ” of big demand perfection, act oneself into “ all-purpose person ” , but is this is applied unit place indispensible?

Above all, collect is overmuch sort, muti_function the software at an organic whole, cause a function easily unused, the system is empty; next, the function is more complete, the system is more complex, it is more difficult to use, safeguard more troublesome; again, the function is bit more, the value is much piece, one-time devoted too big; is additional, service cost rises sharply, invisible the risk increases, make application quits even.

Because this mechanism is enterprise or business when system of informatization of unit choose and buy, the effective demand that should consider oneself and pay ability, if with applicable for jumping-off place, so chop the “ with those dispensable, low utilization rate to chicken ribs stoutly ” function, choose a function compact, satisfy him core requirement already the system that petty gain develops 2 times easily again. Actually, with respect to the function that takes OA, no matter be to close strong, with friend, click not famous still Xiaogong to manage, the content of 80% is identical, just apply deepness to differ. And every increase the function of OA 10% , the value can increase 100%-300% at least, applied unit should look him to have necessary it is the fare with the 20% so much overpay that remain. Add up to chief of department of strong software market to remind for this say, those who need an attention is, it is the characteristic of “ of client of the subsection in satisfying is small and complete ” , business of a few OA does not call him “OA” nowadays, however do sth on a large scale cooperates with for “ ” , so-called oneself are compositive the functional module such as office, plan, human affairs, client, finance affairs at an organic whole, but these module often are “ looks very beautiful ” , can not replace professional administrative software, can do simple record, backup and applied work only.
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