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Float is tiny business of the SaaS that start, further development is low uprigh
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The appeal of SaaS business

The dimensions of anatomize medium and small businesses and operation are used to, see the feature of SaaS again, we can discover SaaS latent capacity is in clearly.

At present Chinese medium and small businesses puts generally in such problem: Capital is not very abundant, informatization experience less, IT professional hopes to be short of, personalized demand is much. And the difficult problem that the high speed of informatization develops to let them must be faced with informatization to build again. Accordingly, low cost, maintenance-free, Yi Shi is applied, the product of agile application, simple deploy, good experience, became them to build medium first selection in informatization.

SaaS (software serves namely) appear, satisfied their many sided requirement. SaaS is the maturity of the development as Internet technology and application software, and the software application pattern that begins a arisen kind of complete innovation in 21 centuries. It is a kind of mode that provides software through Internet, the manufacturer unites application software deploy to be on his server. The client is OK him basis is factual demand, order wants application software to serve to the manufacturer through Internet, more or less to pay fee to the manufacturer with time length by the service that order, obtain the service that the manufacturer provides through Internet.

Accordingly, to a lot of small business, saaS disappear is bought besides the enterprise, the need that compose is built and defends infrastructure and applied program, having tremendous appeal.

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Having greatest appeal to medium and small businesses because of SaaS just about, include Microsoft, SAP, Oracle in last few years inside firms of all software of much big shop sign try water SaaS domain in succession. And cooperate with OA industry is apparent also cannot exceptional, leader brand float is tiny announced recently, with home the largest IT fraction sells business and number of China of IT service provider to reach collaboration. Strong strong together, cooperate with software industry

As China the largest IT fraction sells business and IT service provider, domain of China number business enclothed Chinese market to serve to the comprehensive IT of large trade client from individual consumer, for China by tens of thousands company, government, enterprise, school and individual provide the most advanced IT product, plan and service, the user pervades finance, telegraphic, make wait for industry and governmental orgnaization and educational orgnaization. In Chinese IT product cent sells a field, china number has become beyond question leader, also be provider of country's biggest integrated IT service at the same time.

And float is tiny it is to cooperate with at present the leader brand of OA industry. Its depend on mature technical core and force of abundant research and development, own research and development include extensive small manage platform in coordination (E-cology) , float is tiny handle official bussiness in coordination the system is advanced edition (E-nature) , float is tiny handle official bussiness in coordination systematic level edition (E-office) and float are tiny in coordination government affairs system (the 4 big range of products such as E-nation) . Cover OA(to handle official bussiness in coordination) , portal of EIP(business information) , KM(knowledge manages) , HRM(manpower resource manages) , CRM(client relation manages) , WM(work flow manages) , PM(project manages) , the respect such as management of unifinication of net of electronic government affairs, inside and outside, make in group management, new and high technology, production, the trade solution that the domain such as industry of meal of communication of advisory adviser, medicine, estate, hotel, banking fashioned one a complete set of to mature.
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