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Look very beautiful: Cooperate with software market 3 big odd state
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Before period of time, as a result of working reason, the author and home a few cooperate with basically software firm ever had had a contact, this has among them in coordination the advocate of the concept, the “ Cheng that also theres is no lack of to learn to use become a monk late in life now now bites golden ” . Face-to-face communicate facilitating communication view, redo thinks, may have to thing and phenomenon deeper understanding. Below a few individual viewpoints of record and narrate, offer reference sincerely.

According to not complete count, fixed position is in in coordination the software firm of the domain already had hundreds 2005. So much manufacturer bright bright and come, saying with its is drive of place of demand of benefit from door, be inferior to saying great majority is medium hype new idea can activation the market, encircle a ground to perhaps divide a cup of a thick soup thereby. Then even somebody is in horizontal stroke of the end of the year was born for nothing last year n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine a “ cooperates with software market will be amounted to 30 billion, surmount such ERP” “ to urge person act vigorously to receive the good news of ” in the round. However at this late hour, do not say what sale achieved 10 million yuan of above 2006 to cooperate with the manufacturer is very few, the person that leave a change one's course cloudily also is absent a few.

   The concept is carried not clear

Say “ cooperates with ” , manufacturer people the conclusion that loves the nothing is more... than that talk to its concept —— sits and be talked most often is the highroad connects Rome, the person cooperates with I also cooperate with. However with each hold the fixed position that of the notional form contrast that one aspect of the matter justifies oneself is be exactly the same however is ambiguous, have rarely in coordination the outline that software firm draws the outline of cause client can clearly, say “ big company needs to cooperate with generally however, medium and small businesses also needs to cooperate with ” .

The author thinks, as thought and method, “ cooperates with the meaning of ” is beyond question, but the application that is in this all administrative action are medium thering is no lack of to cooperate with. Accordingly, cooperate with admittedly software has the reason that becomes one group oneself, fulfil the administrative software at specific business category to also need with when the function that all handles in coordination into aggrandizement. After that person, the effect that optimizes business management may come more quickly a few more remarkable. When doing an interview in the past, I expect to the honored guest can dispel misgivings all the time in coordination software and “ are had in coordination the distinction between software ” of the function, ever also asked about an enterprise to use for many times in coordination the premise condition of software. Regretful is to had not gotten exact answer.
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