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Demand of ERP of automobile manufacturing industry discusses an analysis
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One, company of our country car grows the current situation

The difference of our country auto industry, besides the difference on dimensions, mainer production technique and the gap that run a technology to go up, and among them the most important is the difference on management. For whole, industry of automobile of current our country puts generally in undermentioned government issue:

· scale of production slants small, have not form dimensions to change manufacturing;

· market information is ineffective, production forecasts data to forbid;

· designs new product cycle to grow, cannot get used to the market demand; of rapid change

Be in in · production process goods is much, raw material, semifinished product even manufactured goods stocks is big, take up; of many circulating fund

Departmental door business handles · business and information communication is not expedite, periodic long, efficiency tall; of low, error rate

The supplier of · and raw material, spare parts and outside assist the communication of the manufacturer and quality control are less than, affect product date of delivery and product quality;

· cost accounting work is not delicate, lack component cost accounting mostly, cannot control cost; effectively

Although · already built the sale that spreads all over the whole nation and system of after service network, but efficiency of whole network system is not tall, information feedback is not seasonable, lack contemporary IT to prop up systematic;

· fails for advanced government idea of the center with the client; of comprehensive and thorough popular feeling

The date from;2003 that · undertakes product and crucial component hard year the policy of Chinese car guild has been made clear in the report put forward to enrol the car a system to introduce domestic automobile industry, such certainly will ask the car makes an enterprise have the date from capacity of finished product and crucial component.

How to solve afore-mentioned administrative problems, how to face the competitor with abundant actual strength, how to get used to changeful market, the government that how uses modernization and technical measure reduce government cost, enhance company competition ability, it is the problem that need of Chinese automobile industry is faced and thinks. The experience of industry of developed country automobile proves, the wide application of IT and development will be reduced for the enterprise purchase, sale cost, reduce inventory, optimize inventory structure, extend sale channel, raise service efficiency to offer a possibility, it is car company enhances the competitive actual strength, the only way that blends in economic globalization pattern.

2, flow of car production company and ERP demand analysis

The key of car business management is as the development of automobile industry constant change. Initial stage develops in automobile industry, the constituent form that the car produces is to press inventory production, car breed is very onefold in those days, for example company of 20 time Ford produces 20 centuries only onefold black T car, depend on how improving a product to the key of car business management right now the quality, productivity that enlarges an enterprise and improve labor productivity. And arrived of 21 centuries today, as people living standard rise, people pays attention to personalized characteristic more to the consumptive demand of the car, car production is complete by the past it is for central change with the product it is a center with the client, the production of car company organizes a form also by the past by forecast manufacturing change to forecast the production that increases order to organize a form to press, manufacturer has accomplished a little advanced even car to be produced completely by order. To contemporary car company, accurate and the order demand that administrative key depends on answering a client quickly, reasonable platoon produces plan and accurate cost control, detailed for, the administrative demand of car company basically depends on the following respects:
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