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Home page of website of simplified Chinese of American online AOL had gone up li
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Cut of home page of website of AOL simplified Chinese pursues

Be in early 2001, AOL and associate establish joint-stock company fly dragon (Beijing) limited company of research and development of science and technology, invest 100 million dollar to roll out Chinese portal FM365.com jointly. Nevertheless this one effort did not score a success, joint-stock company was shut 2004, FM365.com is bought subsequently. This AOL was used in Chinese inland afresh at the outset with associate the name of joint-stock company, nevertheless right now " fly dragon " already with associate without any relations.

The early days job of website of AOL simplified Chinese is main by addiction science and technology (annals of Cn.engadget.com) , car (two websites offer Cn.autoblog.com) content, these two websites already all were bought by AOL in the United States, already all rolled out Chinese edition. In the top right corner of website of edition of Chinese of addiction science and technology, already hit " AOL-tech " label.

On September 9 message, it is reported, the online AOL of website United States below banner of times China accept home page of simplified Chinese website had gone up line, network address is Cn.aol.com. This website has 12 keys channel at present, it is respectively: Trends of news of news of news focusing, international, home news, finance and economics, recreational recreation, sports, car reads extensively, vogue is savoured, development of science and technology, picture is browsed, Olympic Games of online video, Beijing.

Additional it is reported, AOL Chinese home page embedded the search engine that provides technical support by Gu Ge inside the first screen of every column, issued its standard IM product and tool column to make key promotion, in the meantime, suffixal the mailbox that is Mail.aolchina.com is devoted already also use.

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