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ERP develops theory of serial communication foundation
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How does this chapter use the introduction the new SerialPort in.NET Framework 2.0 and.NET Compact Framework 2.0 kind the communication of implementation and other and serial equipment. We will build 3 projects, how does the specification use serial communication with example. The first project is a chatting program, it allows (use serial data line blue perhaps tooth is coadjacent) two computers have communication. You can be a foundation with this program, undertake expanding will realize the communication of the other and peripheral serial equipment with mobile telephone and so on to its. How do you pass the society serial blue tooth joins use AT commands with programme controll mobile telephone. The 2nd project is chatting program of a Pocket PC, very as similar as a project. The 3rd project was revealed how to correspond with GPS receiver, extract useful data to be used at current position indicating on the map from which.

The place before be like is narrated, serial equipment is sent every time and receive one digit to occupy. A few equipment can be sent at the same time and receive data, call full duplex operation (Full-duplex) equipment. Additionally a few equipment can be sent only in some hour or receive data, call only duplex operation (Single-duplex) .

Convey to initiate, equipment sends to begin above all (Start Bit) , it is data subsequently (Data Bit) . Data number can be 5, 6, 7 or 8, this depends on concrete agreement. The both sides that send and receives must install identical data digit, what correspond in order to assure is correct undertake. Data after sending, stop (Stop Bit) immediately is sent. Stop can be 1, 1.5 or 2. Baud is led (Baud Rate) it is from an equipment the data to another equipment transmits speed, normally with every second (Bits Per Second, bit/s) will measure.

Annotate great majority is serial equipment with 7 or 8 data undertake transmission.

To detect data passes the validity that be defeated, data in can include an optional odd even desired result (Parity Bit) . Odd even desired result can be the following one of: Strange, occasionally, symbol, blank space perhaps is done not have (symbol and blank space are the most commonly used) . Desired result of use odd even can offer detect basically the mechanism of data error, but the data that can not assure to receive does not have a mistake. Nevertheless, odd even desired result still be very useful on the integrality that in improvement data sends.

Most serial port supports RS232C level, this standard defined 25 needles or the connector of 9 needles (2-2 seeing a picture) . Most and serial equipment uses 9 needles connector. Chinese ERP- does China's best ERP- enterprise informatization - ERP information- - industry ERP solution - ERP system development is safeguarded - ERP software - ERP news - ERP is developed - ERP2 second development - ERP acts as agent - ERP is safeguarded - ERP portal website - the website makes development - the website is safeguarded - the domain name is registered - ZGERPP-WWW.ZGERP.CN
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