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The distress of ERP concept - be being abused
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ERP is aimed at the administrative application software of manufacturing industry this originally, be modelled to become an any companies however in China all adaptable managing application software. "What commerce ERP, travel ERP, still have estate even kind ERP. "Be by analogy Chinese ERP is illuminative person Mr. Chen Qishen is abused to numerous IT manufacturer, fry make ERP concept very malcontent.

Any understands the person of ERP history to be able to know a little, gartner is the point of view that the trend that develops in the light of MRP II future offers. The article caption that place of Garnter analyst L.Wylie publishs at that time is " ERP: The distant view of RPII of 鶰 of random the Huaihe River is imagined " . Chen Qishen say:" Look today, the ERP idea that Gartner place advances, sex of the look up before be being had very much really. Sex of the look up before be being had very much really..

Gartner hopes new generation manufacturing industry runs a system at that time, should besides in-house conformity, still should include swim with fluctuation the partner's connection. Although this is planted at that time,the viewpoint got industry approbate, but as a result of last centuries the limitation of condition of 90 time technology, create the ERP system at that time integrated between the enterprise side produces effect very hard still. Create the ERP system at that time integrated between the enterprise side produces effect very hard still..

"We handle IT technology, be in especially viewpoint respect always is echo what other says, follow suit the phenomenon is very common. "Chen Qishen say. 2000, gartner Ceng Di gives ERP II idea, and this concept gets abroad is very much at that time the person of the same trade's doubt. This concept was not in ERP II finally abroad is approbated. "Us enterprise of a few IT, expert, still chasing after today hold ERP II in both hands. "Be in early actually 1990, when ERP concept puts forward, the ERP with respect to hope future should have solved analyst to make model exterior and enterprise interior, compositive problem. And when Gartner puts forward ERPII, some experts think ERPII, this concept is an a change in form but not in content actually.

Because ERP involves the whole government technological process of the enterprise, because this can know the person of its essence connotation truly, really very few. Include enterprise user and firm of certain home IT, still stay in literal to understand mostly. This also caused home to appear firm of a few software, as a result of the interest drive, ERP concept the enlarge of infinite ground, bring about a few users are more and more unsharpness to the understanding of ERP now.

What with home practice of firm of a lot of ERP differs is, include the company such as Oracle, SAP, SSA, in the product in oneself very abstain from use ERP this noun, and the product that they introduce a solution to name their mostly. With this form contrast is, domestic ERP manufacturer however often ERP this noun, use the product in oneself in. In each software fair that people can hold in home, easily see all sorts of IT firms that making ERP shop sign, peddling as irrelevant as ERP software product.
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