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Numerous road hacker attacks net of 3 deer official madly
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Website of government of 3 deer bloc cannot have been opened thoroughly.

3 deer group since milk powder incident since erupting, had become the target of public criticism of whole China society. Before 2 days just sent someone shape accuses Jie of Deng of its figure Dai Yan, again numerous hacker undertakes mopping up type is atttacked to its official net now.

A few days come, incident of milk powder of 3 deer problem grows in intensity, as the condemn of each respect, website of government of 3 deer bloc also becomes the target that the hacker atttacks. 12 days midday, the official website that the reporter discovers 3 deer group by black, of homepage upper part " 3 deer group " instead " 3 get together cyanogen amine group " , but do not return to normal namely to half hours of this website. Afternoon, reporter remount records website of 3 deer group to discover visit speed becomes very slow, home page cannot be opened and present Bai Bing to react, after awaiting a long time, home page stays in from beginning to end read take Flash animation position.

To this afternoon, the reporter tries to open this website again, had become " cannot show a webpage " . Searched on the network, the netizen explodes makings have multichannel hacker atttacking website of 3 deer group, regard website homepage as chatting room.

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