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Management and control risk make sure ERP system carries out a success
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The risk of ERP project

When normally people is considering unsuccessful factor, general move carries out the analysis of numerous element in the process at be opposite again, and before often ignoring a project to start, mix carry out the risk with potential system of the ERP after finishing. To ERP project, the whole process of project of risk consist in, include project program, project to prepare beforehand, executive process and system move. Baconian rise, the risk of ERP project basically has the following sides:

1. Devoid program or program are unreasonable:

2. The project prepares beforehand inadequate, expression chooses wrong; for hardware type selecting and ERP software

3. Executive process controls lax standard, level achievement did not amount to mark;

4. Design technological process lacks; of effective operating ring section

5. Executive effect was not done evaluate or evaluate unreasonable;

6. Systematic safety design is not perfect, put in the hidden trouble; that the system is inbreaked illegally

7. Disaster is on guard undeserved or measure is not complete, cause a system easily to break down.

The precaution of project venture

1. Strategic program

Whether is the enterprise put in an IT system program of 5 years? As social informatization, IT system to the enterprise it is a tool not only, it is technical measure more. ERP regards IT as main component of the system, serve the extended program at the enterprise, the method that is extended program and assure. The target of ERP results from IT system program, it is the basic standard that evaluates ERP system success or failure, answer to plan according to IT system, the executive limits of clear ERP system and executive content.

2. The project prepares beforehand

System of ERP of affirmatory hardware and network plan, choice and 3 evaluating advisory partner is this phase main tasks, also be the 3 gist element that ERP system carries out. The working ability that the contented degree; of the demand of business of strong weak decision of the performance that hardware and network plan affect a system directly, reliability that run and function of stability;ERP system seeks advice from a partner and the quality that experience decides to carry out a process reach executive result.

3. The project carries out control

Carry out in ERP system in, use project management technique to undertake control and administrative to carrying out a process normally. The level positive result with active executive control scientific now executive plan, clear list and strict achievement examine and verify. Not only such, effective control returns expression to be in coordinate the information with unobstructed actively to deliver channel. The origanization construction of executive ERP includes: The final user of the executive group of branch of manager of directive committee, project, outside advisory adviser, IT, function branch and function branch. Be coordinated between the branch and communicate so that stand or fall decides to carry out the working quality of the process and work efficiency. Current, below the qualification that lacks right project manager in the enterprise, this one risk is mixed apparently especially serious.
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