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ERP system develops the quotation of module
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1, quotation, the historical price that can reflect a product changes message.
To the price change of the product, if pass quotation to have modificatory word, can pass relevant forms for reporting statistics, those who reflect a product price is fluctuant the influence to company profit, adopt certain and favourable policy, wait a moment to the influence of company product sale. And these data, can be business management layer, for the product new price provides a basis.
(1) is in ERP system, preserve the historical value of the product, can divide separate out for the enterprise, new price brings expectant profit to the enterprise, if have, the value policy that shows a company is feasible, can continue; otherwise, the value policy that shows a company is unworkable, although increased sale, but the profit that did not increase a business.
(The quote of 2)ERP system works, still can be opposite same kind of product, different client basis its are actual of the circumstance different, take different price. Occasionally, the likelihood is same kind of product, be aimed at 5 clients, have 5 prices. This basically is the sheet below the different, history according to client terms of payment quantity and the cooperative rate that follow a client are concerned. And use quotation function, can install quotation in the light of many clients respectively. Next, when order for goods is being sold below the client, change automatically into sale order for goods according to quotation, such, can realize different client's different value, prevent confuse one thing with another. In the meantime, because different client has different quotation, when inquiring later, also not be afraid that order for goods of that piece of sale looks for the basis that is less than the price. Finally, work through quotation management, although same the price of different client changes a product, can affect the price of specific client only, and the price that won't affect other client. This makes mistake not easily on one hand, on the other hand, also be helpful for statistic, the contribution that analyses each client company profit is spent, etc.
(3) carries the sale that a certain client leaves in different price case, still can divide separate out client the sensitive degree to the price. The price that is an enterprise thereby provides a basis, provide decision-making data support to manage a layer.

2, quotation, can regard the pattern plate that sells order for goods as processing.
If the enterprise develops a new product now, in ERP system, after inputting pertinent information, can have quoted price to each clients through quotation. When the order for goods below the client, change into sale order for goods from quotation directly, do so, be like next advantage:
(All information on 1) quotation can duplicate intactly to sell order for goods to go up, when this can make sale order for goods with preventing to be in, confirm the information on the quotation that pass with the client, if terms of payment, client is special,ask to wait, cannot mirror well and truly on sale order for goods, and because the error of enterprise oneself is caused,this is, so, final consequence still wants him enterprise to assume.
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