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Come from the sound of the manufacturer
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20 come for years me all the time with manufacturer people contact with. Experience tells me, perplex manufacturer people the problem has two only: It is to decide what product this put into production, 2 it is how to raise money to produce capital enoughly.

Bazaar is like battlefield, exceeding and intense market competition means the equation that did not surely win, all Fang Buddha are mastering besides, expect hard. Shopkeeper people when ordering goods, it is mostly conclude by intuition what product will be welcome, the person of demand of market of truly can accurate dope, peerless.

Method of IT, communication and of carriage system ceaseless and perfect, developed wider market perspective for all enterprises, but at the same time also aggravate the market competes, brought more not stable elements.
IT has been strange thing no longer. The enterprise is in early use computer to handle order, pay bill and make financial budget. Go several years, a lot of manufacturer already began to develop software application system by oneself, carry out the automation of business flow energetically. But the amplification as business dimensions, production and cent are sold wait for management the job is increasingly complex also, former computer system becomes outdated, cannot get used to the technical development of change quickly and new administrative concept.
Besides in-house need, the enterprise still faces the pressure that comes from business associate. They must cooperate with the system of business associate, accord with standard of international information processing. The problem such as such as Y2k and euro makes everybody further thoughtful introduce company natural resources to plan (the necessity of ERP) system.

In business character business, decision-making personnel checks the company mostly such nonproductive investment is adopting ERP system extremely cautious attitude. The manner that small and medium sized business invests to IT is " sees dish have a meal more, can avoid avoid " . Be in Asian area, because many manufacturers are right,the understanding of IT value just just starts, afore-mentioned problems appear more severe. Although ERP system can help manufacturer cost of economic battalion carry, increase production efficiency, raise profit margin, but should see investment amount only, they can give up mostly thought.

To remove a variety of doubt of the manufacturer, deepen their understanding to ERP system, my general discusses a few common when ERP of choose and buy problems and processing technique.

Does company natural resources plan (a what kind of system is ERP) system after all?

Company natural resources plans (ERP) system is one manages enterprise interior as a whole the system of compositive type information of all branches. Its be born out of runs a system from production resource (MRP) , the advantage was to break old some to be individual client or the restriction that use the special software that need and writes only, offer to be able to choose the combined-type software that distribute freely. And the different module inside ERP system what as can original as the user software carries different rate is interactive. The flexibility of the ERP system that comes from different development business is different also, the user is OK the real need of according to oneself, the ERP system function that provides to developing business through process designing makes different pitch edit.
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