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MRP main operation is logistic
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The operation of basic MRP is logistic
If plan institute shows,the operation logic of basic MRP pursues:

Logic of operation of graph 1 MRP pursues

Combinative example shows the operation logic move of MRP below. If pursue,the 2 structures that are product A pursue.

Structure of product of graph 2 A pursues

Then, we can be calculated now the demand of each products and corresponding component.
Those who want an attention is, because raise the presence of early days, make the plans delivery time and net demand time of stock can arise sometimes abhorrent. Additional, we are calculated to simplify, also consider inside without will safe stocks temporarily.

The demand that expresses 1 product A is calculated (product A, carry early days =2, batch =10)

Although,above computation process makes clear 1, 2, 4, 6 weeks all need A, but actual A wants only 3 reach 4 weeks of pay 10 namely OK. The time of the wool demand that time of this plan make known to lower levels and amount are component B and C and amount.

The demand that expresses 2 components B is calculated (component B, carry early days =1, batch =20, 1A=2B=2 ′ 10=20)

The demand that expresses 3 components C is calculated (component C, carry early days =3, batch =60, 1A=3C=3 ′ 10=30)

From this one decompose can see, to component B, it still is in in need the 3rd week of consign 10, for this we spread out those who issue to decompose according to product structure even. Before decomposing method and measure to be like, we did not spread out one by one here.
Passed above after spreading out computation, we can get each relevant demand of the component that gives product A. However, the circumstance of the enterprise in reality is far not so simple, in a lot of businesses that process production sex, because line of the products is various, not be product A only should use D of C of component B, component and spare parts and E, the likelihood still has other product to also need to use them, likely also spare parts D, E still has particular independent demand (if regard as,serve an used part to wait) . So, the work that MRP should do is to want to be the enterprise first inside proper period of time the wool demand collect to same component, next again accordingly they are in cipher out the net demand inside each period of time and plan delivery capacity, plan according to be being produced in order to arrange and purchase a plan. Here the principle to explain it, we can assume, the enterprise still has product X to want to use spare parts D, in addition, spare parts D still has particular independent demand. If the graph is shown 3 times,calculate to the total demand of spare parts D.
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