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The manpower resource in ERP manages
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Chase after narrate ERP to develop a process mediumly in business management, it is from beginning to end make in order to produce reach sale process (supply chain) be a center. And regard an enterprise as resource this manpower resource, long-term since the system that isolates as all the time runs a system at company core independently besides. First business management person to reduce an enterprise to be in the handiwork with many and trival respect of salary business accounting is operated, often retain a few advisory firms or introduce system of business accounting of a few salary. Deliver the system of resource of a few manpower that extend later, its level also stays on the mode that moves dispersedly only. The commercial competition between the enterprise is more and more intense today, how to attract outstanding talent, reasonable arrangement manpower resource, reduce personnel cost, enhance company competition ability, had been business management person the first issue of the consideration. ERP is after the affiliation of manpower resource system, make its function truly patulous arrived all-around the category of business management. The functional limits of manpower resource, also manage from onefold salary business accounting, human affairs, those who develop to be able to be an enterprise is decision-making those who provide a help is all-around solution. These domains include manpower resource business accounting of compensation of management of arrangement of assessment of program, employee, labour force, time government, invite applications for a job, employee, groom management of plan, poor brigade. Composition of system of the finance affairs in be the same as ERP, production is efficient, the system of company natural resources that has high collect by nature.
What manpower resource plans is auxiliary and decision-making
In modern business management, reach human affairs to change to deal with frequent enterprise to recombine, the controller of the enterprise can use the manpower resource system in ERP, according to the manufacturing demand situation of this enterprise, weave this enterprise organizes structure and program of personnel construction program conveniently, through all sorts of plan the comparison in the system and imitate move evaluate, generate the result data of all sorts of plan, pass intuitionistic graphical user interface, for controller final and decision-making provide auxiliary support. Divide this beyond, manpower resource plans to still can make functionary model, include position method of requirement, preferment and groom plan, the basis holds the position of the qualification of this position employee and condition, the system can put forward to be aimed at this employee a series of grooming proposal, once the orgnaization reorganizations or position is fluctuant, the system can put forward a series of position changes or preferment suggests. Once above program is affirmed, existing structure can be replaced conveniently. In addition, become devoir analyse through personnel, can be opposite the past, now, the personnel cost in the future makes an analysis reach forecast, pass ERP compositive environment, for company cost the analysis provides a basis.
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