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ERP and business flow recombine
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ERP is one kind applies to production enterprise, have representative administrative technology. It uses the newest achievement of information science, the demand according to the market supplies the resource of each link on catenary to have comprehensive program with its to enterprise interior, be arranged as a whole and control strictly, receive sufficient, rational application with the of all kinds resource such as guarantor, money, content, information, achieve thereby increase production efficiency, reduce the demand of cost, contented customer, goal that enhances company competition ability. ERP is the child of modern government idea, it a lot of advanced management, if be made adroitly, seed profit production, collateral project, supply the system such as chain management, overall quality management ERP software system is medium now, make the administrative instrument of brand-new contemporary production company.
The combinative put oneself in another's position that business management modernization is method of management of modern government idea, modern organization and method. Of the software system that ERP reflects modern government idea this kind carry out, inevitable requirement has corresponding administrative organization and method to suit to it. Accordingly, the union that ERP and business flow recombine is inevitable trend.
The type that flow recombines
1990, professor Hammer of American MIT puts forward business flow to recombine above all (Business Process Reengineering, the concept of BPR) . But a kind of basic example was not provided for the enterprise in the method that Hammer recombines in business flow. Not disparate industry, congenial enterprise, the form that flow recombines cannot be identical. The level of the main feature that the enterprise can handle according to competitive strategy, business and use IT will choose to carry out the BPR of different type. Mix according to flow limits recombine a feature, can be BPR cent the following 3 kinds:
1.The BPR inside the function
It is to show internal to function technological process undertakes recombining normally. Below old system, jackknife of each function administration, intermediate administrative levels is much, and the statistic that the layer manages to carry out creativity of a few blame only commonly among these, collect, fill out a form wait for the job, the computer can replace these business completely and cancel intermediate layer, make every function has government of orgnaization of a function only to end from the beginning, accomplish an orgnaization not to overlap, business does not repeat. For example handling of goods focuses management by decentralized management instead, cancel system of financial business accounting of; of 2 class storehouse to input primitive data the computer, job of full business accounting is finished by the computer, change multistage business accounting is one class business accounting to wait.
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