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MRP is formed basically
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(1) advocate production plans (Master Production Schedule, abbreviation MPS)
Advocate manufacturing plan is to decide each specific end item is in each specific time paragraph inside the plan that produces an amount. The end item here is to point to finish finally to the enterprise, should leave factory finish article, it wants specific the breed to the product, model. The specific time here paragraph, it is normally with Zhou Wei unit, below some circumstances, also can be day, a period of ten days, month. Advocate production plans detailed regulation to produce period of time of what, what to should yield, it is independent demand plan. Advocate manufacturing plan is forecasted according to client contract and market, management plan or the range of products in producing outline incorporate, make become the main basis that develops stock demand plan, had the effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following that transfers to specific plan from comprehensive plan.
(2) product structure and stock detailed account (Bill Of Material, BOM)
MRP system wants correct computation to give the time of stock demand and amount, especially the amount of relevant demand stock and time, the product structure that should make the system can know company place is made above all and the stock that all wanting that use. Product structure is listed all parts that make finished product or assembly parts, component, spare parts the composition that wait, assemble relation and quantitative requirement. It is MRP product dismantles the base of 0. E.g. , the product structure that next graphs are a bicycle that simplified greatly pursues, it mirrorred a bicycle roughly form:

Graph plan of structure of 1 bicycle product

Of course, this is not the BOM that we want finally. To facilitate the computer identifies, must written guarantee the product composition of a picture is changed into normative data format, the file that this kind of data form that uses a standard will come to describe product structure is stock detailed account. It must show package (component) in the amount of all sorts of stock demand and mutual the compositive structure between concerns. The answers relatively with bicycle product structure stock detailed account that next watches are one Zhang Jian sheet.

Express the stock detailed account of 1 bicycle product

Note: The "M" in the type is self-restrained, "B" is bought-in component.

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