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MRP is formed basically
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ERP is a huge management information system, want to say clear ERP principle, we want 4 when develop along ERP main level above all, tell from principle of most basic MRP of type of 60 time period of time case.
The principle of basic MRP
We know, the origin that presses demand is different, in-house stock can divide the enterprise to want sue for peace for independence relevant demand two sort. Independent demand is to point to demand and required time by the enterprise external demand will decide, for example, the spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve that need services after the sample that trial-produce of the product that the client orders, scientific research needs, carry out; Relevant demand is to show according to stock the structure between forms a concern the demand that generates by the stock place of independent demand, for example, semi-manufactured goods, component, raw material the demand that wait.
The main task of MRP is: ⑴ plans from the production of end item (independent demand) derive correlate expects (raw material, component) demand and required time (relevant demand) ; ⑵ is mixed according to the required time of stock production (order goods) cycle will decide its begin production (order goods) time.
The production that the basic content of MRP is work out spare parts plans and purchase a plan. However, want to weave the spare parts plans correctly, must fulfil a product above all produce plan plan, the term that uses MRP Ⅱ is advocate production plans (Master Production Schedule, MPS) , this is the basis that MRP spreads out. MRP still needs to know the spare parts structure of the product, namely stock detailed account (Bill Of Material, BOM) , ability advocate production plans to spread out a spare parts to plan; In the meantime, must know what computation gives a part stock measure ability is accurate purchase an amount. Accordingly, the basis of basic MRP is: ⑴ advocate production plans (MPS) ; ⑵ stock detailed account (BOM) ; ⑶ stock information. The logistic circuit concern between them sees figure below.

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