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The ERP system of 90 time
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Enter 90 age, as the farther aggravate that the market competes, the company expands of competitive space and limits further, the thought work up that Ⅱ of 80 time MRP basically faces enterprise interior resource to plan to manage in the round is used how effectively for 90 time and manage the administrative idea of integral resource, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- - plan of company natural resources also emerges subsequently. ERP is patulous on the foundation of MRP- Ⅱ manage range, gave out new structure.
1. ERP is the same as the main distinction of MRP Ⅱ
The difference of limits respect manages in resource
MRP II basically emphasizes particularly on to wait for the management of resource to enterprise interior person, money, content, ERP system expanded on the foundation of MRP II administrative limits, its production activity client demand and enterprise interior, and the production resource conformity of the supplier is together, form a company a complete supply catenary is like to supplying all link on catenary order, purchase, inventory, plan, production is made, quality control, carry, cent is sold, service and safeguard, financial management, human affairs management, laboratory management, project management.
The difference of the respect manages in producer type
MRP II system is enterprise classify a few kinds to produce means typically to undertake administrative, if repeat make, batch production, produce by order, assemble by order, wait by inventory production, have level of one bushing manage to type of avery kind of. And in initial stage of 80 time end, 90 time, for the change of follow closely market, production of much breed, small lot and seeing board type production wait is the producer formula that the proprietor of an enterprise should use, by onefold producer type to mix model production develops, ERP can support well and management mixes model production environment, this kinds of many horn that satisfied an industry changes management requirement.
Managing the difference of functional respect
ERP is sold besides the production of MRP II system, cent, outside financial management function, still increased support whole supply the stock on catenary offer in current system, produce, need the carriage management between each link and storehouse management; Maintenance of the quality government that supports production to guarantee a system, laboratory management, equipment and spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve manage; Support flows to the job (business handles flow) management.
In general affairs processing controls the difference of the respect
MRP II is to pass the seasonable scroll of the plan to control whole production process, its real time sex is poorer, can realize the control in the thing only commonly. And ERP system supports online analysis to handle OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) , after service namely quality feedbacks, the beforehand that emphasizes a business controls capacity, it is OK will design, make, sale, carry etc through compositive will have all sorts of relevant operation collaterally, offerred pair of quality, comfortable meet an emergency to change for the enterprise, the modal analysis ability of the crucial question such as client satisfaction, performance.
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