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The brief introduction of main function module of ERP
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Before we always introduce ERP system with a certain product for setting, but the style as a result of each manufacturer products and side focal point are endless and same, consequently the module texture of its ERP product also differs bigger. For the reader to understanding ERP the first time, may feel lane is not clear sometimes after all which ability is true ERP system. So, here, we consider the product with real bypass, will describe the functional structure of ERP system simply from the angle of the enterprise, namely what can ERP do for the enterprise. Its module function contains what content after all, this ability is the key that we narrate.

ERP is the company all resource have integrated and compositive managing, saying simply is the enterprise 3 flow greatly: Content flows, capital flows, iformation flow has the management information system of comprehensive unifinication management. Its functional module in order to be different from before the module of MRP or MRPII, it can be used at producing the government of the enterprise not only, and the enterprise in a lot of other types is some more consistent nonproductive, the enterprise of commonweal career also can guide ERP system has resource plan and government. Here the functional module that we still will be example to introduce ERP with typical manufacturing company.

In the enterprise, general management basically includes the content of tripartite face: Production is controlled (plan, make) , content sheds management (cent is sold, purchase, inventory management) with financial management (accountant business accounting, financial management) . Itself of this 3 old systems is compositive body, they are mutual between have corresponding interface, can very good conformity undertakes administrative to the enterprise together. Additional, want special what carry is, manage the strengthening that take seriously to manpower resource as the enterprise, already more and more ERP manufacturers manage manpower resource a when brought into ERP system main component, to this one function, we also can have brief introduction.

Financial management module

In the enterprise, clear and trenchant financial management is all in all. So, in ERP it is indispensable one part in whole program. The financial module in ERP and general financial software are different, regard ERP system as medium one part, the other module of it and system has corresponding interface, can mutual and compositive, for instance: It but will by production the activity, information that purchases mobile input is automatic plan make etc of general ledger, accountant into financial module, cancelled to input the process with trival proof, replace almost completely before traditional manual operation. The financial part cent of general ERP software is accountant business accounting and financial management two chunk.

One, accountant business accounting
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