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The MRPII of 80 time
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The occurrence of system of MRP of 6 closed circuit, make all sorts of subsystem that produce mobile field got unity. But this is insufficient still, because be in the management of the enterprise, manufacturing management is a respect only, what what it involves is content shedding merely, and flow with content closely related still capital flows. By money meeting personnel manages this separately in a lot of enterprises, this is typed with respect to the repetition that caused data with put store, cause the abhorrent sex of data even.
Then, in 80 time, people technology of production, financial, sale, project, purchase wait for each subsystem the system that collect makes an unifinication, call production resource to plan (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system, english abbreviate still is MRP, plan to distinguish content to spread demand (also abbreviate is MRP) and write down for MRP II.
1. The principle of MRP Ⅱ and logic
The basic idea of MRP Ⅱ regards an organic whole as the enterprise namely, from whole best angle sets out, to the enterprise through using scientific method all sorts of production resource are mixed produce, for, annul, each link have money effectively plan, organization and control, make they are able to coordinate development, produce effect adequately.
The logistic flow chart of MRP Ⅱ is shown 1 times like the graph.

Logistic flow chart of Ⅱ of graph 1 MRP

In flow chart on the right side of it is plan and pilot flow, it included decision-making layer, plan layer and control to carry out a layer, understandable the flow that manages to run a plan; Fundamental data is among, should store in the database in all of computer science department, and be called repeatedly. Of these data information compositive, the enterprise the business of each branches is communicated rise, understandable for computer database system; Left it is main financial system, only listed an account receivable, general ledger is mixed here an account payable. The flow direction that each couplet lines indicate information and mutual the compositive relation between.
2. MRP Ⅱ manages the characteristic of mode
The characteristic of MRP Ⅱ can explain from the following respects, each characteristic contains those who manage mode to change with personnel quality or behavior two respects, these characteristics supplement each other.
1. The consistency of the plan and feasibility
MRP Ⅱ is pattern of dominant of a kind of plan management, plan administrative levels from macroscopical to microcosmic, arrive from the strategy technology, by thick to fine chase a layer to optimize, but assure to manage strategic goal to agree with the enterprise from beginning to end. It normally management of 3 class plan is centralized rise, planning work is centered in branch of factory form function, workshop team and group can implement a plan only, attemper and feedback information. Test and verify and balance productivity relapse before planning make known to lower levels, adjust in time according to feedback information, handle contradiction of good supply and demand, assure the consistency of the plan, effectiveness and executable sex.
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