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Seventies closed circuit MRP
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MRP of type of 60 time period of time can give the exact time of relevant stock demand and amount according to concerning data to calculate, but it is not quite perfect still, its leading defect is the productivity that did not have considering manufacturing company and the tie of the concerned condition that purchase. Accordingly, the date of the stock demand that computation comes out is possible do not have ability because of the inadequacy of equipment and man-hour to produce, or because of the inadequacy of raw material cannot produce. In the meantime, the feedback information that it also lacks a basis to plan to carry out a circumstance has adjustment function to the plan.
Be to solve above problem, MRP system develops seventies for system of closed circuit MRP. System of closed circuit MRP plans besides stock demand outside, productivity requirement course of study of intercrop of plan, car plans and still purchase exercise to plan to also bring into MRP entirely, form a system that close.
1. The principle of closed circuit MRP and structure
Of MRP system move normally, need has a reality feasible advocate manufacturing plan. It besides should reflect market demand and contract order beyond, the productivity that still must satisfy an industry restrains a condition. Accordingly, besides wanting to weave resource demand plans, we make capacity demand plan even (CRP) , the ability that is the same as each working centers has a balance. When adopting measure to accomplish ability and resource to all satisfy bear requirement only, ability begins to implement a plan.
And should make sure implementation plans to be about to dominate a plan, should be versed in with the clique sheet will control the first step of treatment when executive MRP, will control the first step that purchase with buying order. Such, basic MRP system develops further, plan ability requirement and carry out the function that reachs control plan to also include to come in, form an annular loop, call closed circuit MRP, if pursue 1 show.

Accordingly, closed circuit MRP makes a whole manufacturing plan and control system.
2. Capacity demand plans (Capacity Requirement Planning, CRP)
(1) resource demand plan and capacity demand plan
In system of closed circuit MRP, the bear crucial work center calls resource demand to plan evenly, or call crude capacity plan, its plan object is independent demand, what basically face is advocate manufacturing plan; The bear complete work center calls capacity demand plan evenly, or call detailed ability plan, and its plan object is relevant demand, what basically face is a workshop. Because immanent connection exists between MRP and MPS, come down in one continuous line also is between resource demand plan and capacity demand plan so, and latter is in just about former calculative undertakes on the foundation.
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