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The application that ERP is in China and development
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Of concerned ERP introducing is the problem that a lot of enterprises pay close attention to very. Since 1981 Shenyang since factory of the first machine tool introduced software of the first MRP II from German engineer association, MRP II/ERP already experienced nearly 20 years in Chinese application and promotion from start, the harships course that explores maturity. According to not complete count, our country already had 700 to domestic company is bought or use this kind of advanced management software about at present. However, the result that its apply is very lopsided, each enterprise difference are bigger. For this, we very be necessary to undertake review and reflection to whole process.
The MRP that reviews our country - the application of II/ERP and development process, can differentiate roughly for 3 phase:
The first phase: Start period.
This one phase is almost perforative whole 80 time, its are main the characteristic is base oneself upon at MRP - of II introduce, solid inflict and partial application phase, its apply limits confine to be inside traditional mechanical manufacturing industry (make for the machine tool more, the car is made wait for an industry) . Restrict as a result of what get a variety of barriers, applied effect is finite, be weighed by people for " 3 1/3 consider " level.
In 80 time, china just entered the transition phase of market economy, the consciousness that the enterprise participates in the market to compete still is not had or not intense. The manufacturing government issue of the enterprise is heavy: A few what labor productivity of average per capita of mechanical production industry is advanced industry country only about; Product delivery cycle is long; Reserve reserve fund takes up big, utilization rate of equipment and installations is low etc. To improve this kind of backward condition, a few enterprises in system of our country machinist industry are like Shenyang factory of the first machine tool, shenyang air-blower factory, factory of the first machine tool, the first automobile factory of Beijing, guangzhou beautiful Motor Corporation introduced MRP from abroad early or late - II software. As MRP - the precursor that II applies in China, they once had taken a paragraph of rough and labyrinthian way.
Above all, existing to manage the technical issue of software itself. The foreign software that introduces at that time is to move on big, medium-sized computer mostly, it is the special system that closes relatively more, open extreme difference of gender, versatility, facility is giant, the operation is complex, the promotion of systematic performance is difficult. And the job that foreign software changes without this locality that finish, have again even if the cost is huge wait, lack the technical support of corresponding form a complete set and service again at the same time; Next, existing to lack MRP - II application and applied experience problem. Again, existing the barrier problem on thought understanding. The leader of the enterprise values level to this one purpose mostly at that time insufficient, just inspect its as a pure computer technology. Nevertheless, still some of enterprise achieved a few beneficial result, like Beijing factory of factory of the first machine tool, Shenyang machine tool is mixed Shenyang air-blower the factory; Some enterprises apply and also pay no attention to want, for example Guangzhou beautiful Motor Corporation opens up in all in 80 time later period endowment 2000 much franc introduced MRP from France - II system installs the DPS7000 lead plane that is in two BULL company to go up, the target is the order that implements pair of entire companies, inventory, production, sale, human affairs, finance affairs undertake unity administrative, in order to improve the operation beneficial result of the company, but the partial Shang Da that as a result its apply is less than software system very one of functions. Reason looks from whole, the beneficial result that company earnings reachs and huge investment and at the outset great plan goes generally very far.
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