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The mystery that the backbone finds new job is round (below)
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News introduction: The mystery that the backbone finds new job is round (next) . . . 4. The forestall of interest and influence repelled reasonable interior competes

Generally speaking, the experience of employee is more difficult, bigger also to constituent contribution, so staff position and force of pay as a way of have the rationality that decides firstly for the basis, but the hope that if regard only staff gauge as to be able to make solvency is lost relative to simpler outstanding stuff its,shows itself, the fundamental flaw of this system depends on lacking stretch competition. Pair of organizations that aged worker is designed through the system and form are medium the forestall that the forestall of significant position is pair of interests actually, make the significant position of the company and interest master in fixed group with respect to firmly ground, leader group interior formed the tacit agreement that controls hegemony, this kind of tacit avoid the competition that comes from young worker. Case makes clear, a sound competitive system also was not built among young worker, when only very outstanding employee station comes out and the choice breaks away from an organization to manacle, organize what controller just is opposite to undertake a case processing. This forms a kind of tendency: Outstanding and young worker stands to challenge company ability to get what oneself needs only.


Stuff comes in an organization is to realize his a lot of hope, include what get an organization thereby through purchase achievement to approbate, realize the promotion of oneself value, get corresponding get one's own back, make oneself life quality gets rising thereby. In as above the society is increased further while two hopes get coming true to oneself approbate degree, reflect the value of oneself. An organization is by numerous and individual composition, these are individual in only one part is the outstanding stuff that has ambition, the system design that constituent high level needs to undertake perfecting lets all employee compete on this platform, be defeated in competition below blast employee also won't have any complaint, the institution of human affairs appoint to a position that competes fairly so is very principal to efficient development of the organization. It is OK that employee rises from the first day when become the member that this group is woven try hard according to such direction, the ability that makes oneself can feel oneself clearly is apart from such target to still differ much further. Such system design is to make a certain employee sees a hope not only, make all employee see a hope however, everybody's attention is in with respect to can more concentration to the target struggle on, avoided thereby do not support each other between employee make the organization clouds the situation in undesirable growing atmosphere thereby. This kind of design ought to consider ability and ability and wisdom, age and qualifications and record of service at the same time two dimension are spent, part to spend those who have fixed rate to emphasize particularly on to two dimension according to real need in disparate arrangement of ideas.
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