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The Olympic Games transmits Internet whole success
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News introduction: But face this one delectable situation, watch international president Yu Yang easily to point out, although network advertisement still is rising, but advertisement advocate put in a quantity to the advertisement of Internet still difficult with traditional media compare, advertisement advocate the manner that puts in to new media is more ambiguous, a lot of people hold attempt state of mind. Without doubt, the Olympic Games gave new media very good chance, allow more advertisement advocate the form that goes trying to differ, also allow advertisement advocate go evaluating new media further. But should from go up at all change advertisement advocate put advertising on the habit, return the course is often, for many times incident is exciting. . .

In report of current Olympic Games, the new media such as Internet is extended through collective cooperation, innovation created an Olympic Games a brand-new milepost, those who realized all pair of Internet users is sufficient enclothe, realized Internet user to pass a network to be participated in to the wide attention of the Olympic Games and development.

Be in by advertisement of Chinese Internet association, China advocate association is direct, DCCI (Internet data center) hold jointly with website of collaboration of accredit of content of 9 Olympic Gameses " peak of 2008 interactive media is met " on, " Chinese news publishs a newspaper " the reporter interviewed the relevant controller that shares coverage of Olympic Games network, the expression of new media in reporting with respect to current Olympic Games and experience undertake discussing.

Together TV comprises Olympic Games history to go up platform of the most large-scale transmission

Through observing not difficult discovery, TV still is the main body that current Olympic Games transmits, but the tremendous progress that Internet place obtains and dimensions achievement proclaim already Internet is Olympic Games transmission is new win the home, big win the home. 6 networks president holds cruel concurrently CEO Li Shanyou tells a reporter, "TV reports the strong position of the Olympic Games still did not shake, but we also should see, the additional action of the network already more and more important. The additional action of the network already more and more important..

To this, CCTV network transmits general manager of network of central director, CCTV to bark Wen Bin expresses, beijing Olympic Games can say 2008 is new media Olympic Games, first time of Internet, new media enters the Olympic Games to transmit a system, with TV union is together, established the transmission platform with the largest scale on Olympic Games history.

"This the Olympic Games reports CCTV net provides match coverage of 16 thousand hours in all, because channel place is restricted, CCTV hookup 2300 hours among them, CCTV net is the medium that the whole world has whole journey hookup exclusively to match of 3800 hours, divide CCTV the first, 2, 5, 7 outside waiting for the hookup video that comes from TV, still have TV not 1500 hours of matches of hookup. This is the honor of CCTV net and pride not just, it is all new media more, all abstruse movement sow the honor of the website and pride. And in the situation that understands in me, up to now the whole world still can accomplish all to Olympic Games match hookup, order programme without an orgnaization. " Wang Wenbin says.
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