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Consona User Conference will showcase China new version of ERP software
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Applicable to each scale CRM and ERP business management software and services provider Consona Corporation will be May 20 -21, at the Sheraton Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai China to host the 2010 User Conference. In this user conference, from all regions of the user will Consona's leadership team and global product managers face to face communication and exchange. In this year's conference, Consona's Cimnet system, AXIS ERP and Intuitive ERP product line will be displayed one by one. These products are the latest features, technology, version, and product roadmap will be the various sub-user conference venue is fully explained and demonstrated. Consona's Cimnet Systems product line is designed for PCB (printed circuit board) designed for the needs of the manufacturer's ERP solution in at the user conference, will showcase its new version of the highlights of the many new product features . The new feature is mainly used to upgrade and automate front-end business processes, including the offer of a new generation of solutions that combine hardware and software stack structure of a module and an alarm & analysis module, all of which enhance the ERP solution to help improve the user's business process, from quotation to delivery to reduce costs throughout the process. A new product - puzzle tools - through the application and materials to maximize the production capacity of rectangles and polygons to arrange components and resistance to automation puzzle. Consona's Intuitive product line, its ERP software for a wide range of manufacturing areas. In the user conference, will be a live demonstration of the upcoming version of Intuitive V8.5 new features. The point is Intuitive latest enhancements in the. NET Framework on the continued investment and upgrading to improve the reporting of all input data. Other improvements in version 8.5 include the actual inventory and procurement costs of the project, allowing the historical average based on the standard update automatically. 8.5 Some new books in the optional modules, including Intuitive interface customization wizard, which allows data entry through a large number of reports for a more customized; V1.3 workshop management module, can improve the load balancing and manual data management, improve the material visualization and the shortage of historical data can be automatically updated based on the standard process information. Will soon be introduced to solve the Chinese market, AXIS ERP solution will be sub-venue of the conference demonstrated the upcoming release of the latest 6.0 version of the highlights at the same time, the customer is seeking comments and suggestions to guide future product development. AXIS V6.0 includes a new user interface and based on Microsoft. Net technology framework of the navigation bar. This means that in addition to show the metal industry, quotes, invoicing, payment, reimbursement and distribution process of the key customer information, you can also easily interface according to each user in a multi-center experience in the use of personalized settings.