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Ding Jie business ERP software launched
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Recently, Ding Jie entirely self-developed software, the full flow of commerce expertise for ERP software --- easily into the flow of commerce released ERP software, the software can provide comprehensive information technology solution areas of trade and business Program, will lead the integration of trade and business enterprises into a new era of information management. It is understood that the flow of commerce Ding Jie software for industry-specific data messy, complex and diverse areas, such as changing circulation problem, a "easy to" integration solutions. ERP software is easy to become not only the flow of commerce Yi from the channel / retail and other aspects of access and data collection, but also on the analysis of data collected and managed the flow of commerce industry, the software can be senior managers, multi-angle, full aware of the whole A company's operations (including operating status, shipping status, collections, financial condition, such inventory, sales promotion, sales data, etc.), effective way to help managers quickly and easily to management decisions.