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CDC Software through the Microsoft platform to launch in China Discrete ERP so
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CDC Software (NASDAQ: CDCS) announced today that its platform through the Microsoft China launched the first hosted Azure cloud computing discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning system eM-POWER solutions. At present, China's Azure platform at Microsoft, only three enterprise software solutions, CDC Software is one of them is also the first cloud computing platform manufacturing ERP solutions. Hosted solution is the introduction of eM-POWER CDC Software plans to expand its growing portfolio of solutions based on the cloud's latest move is also an increase in the next few years, Software as a Service (SaaS) recurring revenue is an important measure. In addition to continuous acquisition of several cloud computing companies, CDC Software is also self-development within the SaaS solutions. As a Microsoft partner, CDC Software plans to develop other Windows Azure cloud computing platform applications. As previously disclosed, as early next year, CDC Software plans to launch in the Azure platform, another software as a service solution, customer complaint and feedback management system for CDC Respond. Windows Azure is Microsoft developed a set of cloud computing operating system, used to provide online services required in the cloud operating system. It is the core component of Microsoft's cloud computing one of its three main function is to compute, storage and management. The system developers to develop applications of cloud computing, you can use multi-functional and can also be used alone. Kathy Lee of Microsoft platform strategy advisor, said: "Using the Windows Azure advanced technology, the introduction of a hosted solution eM-POWER, demonstrates CDC Software's commitment to the Microsoft cloud services. EM-POWER is the use of advanced technology Microsoft introduced Windows Azure China The first manufacturing ERP solutions. We are very pleased to cooperate with CDC Software, expect them to have more products in the future through the delivery platform, Windows Azure. " Rooted in Hong Kong, Lian-Li Industrial Co., Ltd., in mainland China with production of various kinds of precision watch parts and miscellaneous pieces of hardware factory, recently implemented a hosted solution eM-POWER. The company's business development manager Louis Li said: "We believe that hosted eM-POWER gives us the latest and most advanced solutions to address our production needs, but also eliminates the need for costly IT capital expenditure and maintenance costs. with this package, we can quickly use the new ERP functionality, while maintaining a low cost of ownership. " As the green energy and clean technology market research company - research director of the ongoing collaboration Dan Miklovic Group, said: "access to CDC's hosted eM-Power that customers can take and scalable ERP solutions, is to promote the enterprises to improve business a critical success factor. previous ERP solution, only large companies can afford to use. now launched a hosted ERP solution for small and medium companies can also use these features. SaaS companies of all sizes opens the door to China. China small and medium companies are doing everything possible to use more green energy and sustainable development approach to operations, business efficiency is the key to success. " Dr. Peter Yip, CEO of CDC Software: "I am very proud to announce that from now on, our customers in China can be very easy to use hosted solution for the eM-POWER. Six months ago, Microsoft held a press conference in Delhi, India I with Microsoft CEO Steve? Ballmer meeting, I announced that we developed in the Windows Azure cloud computing applications. Now, we planned to honor its commitment to the Windows Azure for the first delivery of the manufacturing industry in China SaaS solutions. Soon, we hope to launch the platform in the Windows Azure cloud-based CDC to customer complaints or feedback management solutions. These results not only demonstrate our commitment to Windows Azure, but also highlights the cooperation we have with Microsoft great strength. hosted eM-POWER solutions available to further optimize our position with a strong portfolio of software as a service, but also help enhance our customers as to provide a local operation mode and cloud mixed solutions deployment options business position. " LUO Yao-zong, director of CDC Software in China, said: "As a hosted eM-POWER shown, use the Windows Azure development application and use of our agile development approach, we can quickly bring to market a flexible, reliable and scalable cloud computing applications . CDC Software by Windows Azure platform, and use our development tools have been used, fully capable of developing service-oriented and multi-tenant architecture, and to stage the production, recovery, scalability and telescopic self-service be deployed to the powerful platform. Our goal is to continue to provide specialized business solutions, direct strategy to meet the unique needs of our customers, while providing a full range of deployment options, from local to run the program to a managed type and mixed type deployed to meet their current and future development needs. "
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