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Walk out of Mai Cheng
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A person is in suitable condition when want Sai Shen of very modest, careful to go; In adversity when, want firm and indomitable, precipitant; In hopeless situation when, should be opposite oneself are confident, thinking of me is the most marvellous.

The company is same also, everybody is willing to spend money to buy a lesson, but everybody cannot assure to invest to succeed every time; Informatization invests to fail and cannot be afraid of, terrible is " in one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years " , more terrible is " one fault is again wrong " . 3 dew factory is in Beijing after executive MOVEX software fails, the confidence of informatization shakes without a bit, it is however after 8 months " the recrudesce that uncover lever " . This year in May Beijing first phase project carries item of ERP of 3 dew factory check and accept, the benefit that ERP brings nowadays is being shown stage by stage. Beijing how does 3 dew factory rise abruptly from inside the executive failure of ERP? Is Sun Jing of director of management center of computer of 3 dew factory in Beijing to arrive from the executive failure of ERP in successful revulsion course of road of what kind of heart to experience?

A fax changed a destiny

Mention 3 dew factory may have Beijing rarely the person knows, but those who say 3 dew factory produces a Beijing " big treasure " series hairdressing cosmetic does not know with respect to very few somebody. By June 2000, just when ERP of 3 dew factory carries out Beijing,enter ankylose condition when, sun Jing of director of computer management center received to come from Shenzhen the fax of some company, enumerate a few problems that encounter in the process of the MOVEX software that this company is in company of executive Sweden Intentia, whether did 3 dew factory also encounter consult Beijing in the process in executive MOVEX software these problems. Sun Jing reads content, the difficult problem that 3 dew factory encounters the difficult problem that discovers this company is encountered and Beijing in the process in executive ERP is basic and same; Next, pass phone and connection of the other side again, discover two companies are solve these difficult problem, had the effort with different method, but the result is similar however. The financial division that course and former dominant MOVEX carry out later reports this circumstance to keep abreast of one pace discusses, decision of 3 dew plant stops Beijing of MOVEX software carry out. Sun Jing says: "Since redo goes down difficulty is very great, and the effect is very poor perhaps do not have the effect, so flat fastened again wasteful time " .

such, cost Beijing 3 dew factory 1.4 million yuan, two years the ERP between a long time is carried out flee Mai Cheng. Although fail,carry out, but the concept of ERP already was in Beijing however the 3 air plant that show a plant. Arrive from the financial software of stand-alone edition the financial software of network edition, the sale government that leaves to network environment again, inventory management, the employee of 3 dew factory had been used to computer management gradually; On the other hand, the understanding that pair of ERP issue on 3 dew factory also had " qualitative " promotion, also include him Sun Jing among them. Although failure is sad, but Sun Jing thinks executive ERP comes compositive each are dispersive system, direction does not have a fault; Wrong, only wrong in executive process itself; "Since this is not successful, come again! "
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