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ERP makes be clear at a glance of items of an account
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An Yi ERP is used successfully at group of China north electric power

Abandon to manage a resort traditionally, open the beginning that uses electric government, introduce thought of normative financial management to undertake charge of electricity reclaims management; Company of group of China north electric power and company of An Yi software cooperate, use financial method to have business accounting of charge of electricity and settle accounts government.

Company of group of electric power of Chinese China north is national power company contributive electric wholy-owned subsidiary, main management electrified wire netting, generate electricity reach capital construction construction, equipment to make, the business such as scientific research.

All the time since, the company compares those who pay attention to modernization of electric power sale to transform, to the computer administration that had achieved to use electric sale when 2000, each substation all used subordinate to wait for a system with electric MIS. But unite reform as national power system, the electric company government work to electric power sale put forward the country to ask newly: Strengthen charge of electricity to reclaim to manage and raise capital of charge of electricity to run efficiency in the round; The charge of electricity that reforms the traditional branch that use phone runs way, support science and technology innovates and manage innovation, implementation establishs company of top-ranking electrified wire netting and goal of modernization of electric power sale.

Project characteristic reachs difficult point

Look from applied system, the module that this project uses basically includes Zhang Wu to handle (electric power sale only edition) , forms for reporting statistics (electric power sale only edition) , the leader inquires (electric power sale only edition) 3 systems, the content that involves software is more onefold, but actually the management of carries out pair of financial software and China north electric power the sale that use phone of the project is an acid test truly.

Above all, it is the challenge that to going up management of ten million user has. Subordinate of group of China north electric power 7 branches, among them company of Beijing power supply has many 300, how be opposite all using electric door undertakes administrative effectively is a special a Gordian knot. On software, installed easy company to change the data processing way of traditional and financial software, raise processing speed and data bulk. Company of group of China north electric power has classified government to various user, limit the category that reports an user and amount, rose to manage efficiency.

It is the boycott that comes from the traditional concept that use phone next. Use phone with financial thought management, this still does not have precedent in home, whether feasible, how managing is unknown etc. When so the project puts forward, the doubt that sufferred come from each respect and object, assure the success of the project for utmost ground, an Yi adopted argumentation -- pilot -- argumentation -- pilot -- argumentation -- the mode of promotion, will persuade various management and operation personnel with the fact, assured the success of the project.
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