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Be in it seems that a year before, president of division of SAP big China Mr Klaus Zimmer announces, SAP is after the devoted preparation that experienced 5 years, had begun to be in China gain. But it is after this before long, electronic business affairs comes like one night spring breeze suddenly, such SAP tradition ERP manufacturer became antique. For a short while, a dark horse that there are I2, Siebel and the Commerce One later and Ariba to be a delegate before SAP runs quickly madly, there is Oracle after so old hot adversary is in hot pursuit, all along quiet and orderly ERP software market, became the movie suddenly " guest empty " in billow of the smoke of wolves' dung burnt at border posts in ancient China to signal alarm, kill machine the cycle racing field of 4 bend over. In company interior, many talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year goes to network company's burgeoning perhaps business software company.
----But after a year, in the process that arranges in network concept, people discovers network economy also is not the economy that does not eat terrestrial cooked food, electronic business affairs is facing the pressure of gain likewise, the administrative problem that facing interior likewise and external harmonious problem. As the significant step that solves these problems, ERP and relevant product rise to surface again, be paid close attention to extensively afresh. ERP is in by the proof times of electronic business affairs still important, the issue that just is placed before numerous ERP manufacturer is, how to make be well versed in of oneself product inside and outside, accord with the special requirement of times of electronic business affairs.
----Did the opportunity of SAP come? MySAP.com begins to produce effect
----Start of SAP of criticism of a lot of people is slow, but big to company, speed often is not their advantage. SAP is a company that relies on product name, face a challenge, what it thinks of above all also is to rely on a product to solve a problem.
----Regard famous ERP software as R/3 upgrade product, the MySAP.com that released last year once sufferred suspicion. But the financial report of the 2nd quarter made clear 2000, mySAP.com is being become draw the main power that uses SAP development, in the software sales revenue of 554 million dollar, mySAP.com has held the proportion of 47% , and be in in first quarter, 22% what just still have pity on. In the meantime, turnover relatively the growth that the corresponding period also had two digit last year (19% ) .
----Serve as SAP advocate make a product, mySAP.com is formed by 4 parts, held to the tradition with consistent SAP- - comprehensive, giant:
1.Marketplace, use at satisfying demand trades between the most popular enterprise at present. 4 words are being written on the cover of technical white paper of concerned Marketplace- - Collaboration, commerce, content&Communities, this should be the best annotate of pair of Marketplace functions;
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