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Of ERP software firm tomorrow -- trend medium and small businesses
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ERP serves as a popular topic, ignore cold heat up several years suddenly. The huge success of the ERP company such as SAP and ORACLE lets numerous IT will of people jump, ERP software is in " world the success application of 500 strong " also lets together of numerous enterprise thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind, people is expecting ERP to be able to blossom and bear fruit in China. ERP had been obtained as a kind of advanced government idea agree with widely, but in practice, on one hand, applied ERP needs investment of huge capital cost, manpower and management to transform, make medium and small businesses flinchs; On the other hand, the case that project of a lot of ERP fails often pays Zhu Baoduan, even somebody thinks the ERP case of Chinese 80% did not score a success.

Why can ERP encounter " of Lu of " slippery iron in China? Be ERP does not fit Chinese national condition? Of ERP tomorrow what course to follow? Advancing the new century that informatization of our country traditional industry transforms quickly, these phenomena are worth us to think seriously very much.

Well-known, the primary purpose of ERP is effectively configuration company natural resources, make the benefit maximize of the enterprise, the management target of this and enterprise happens to have the same view. As commercialize, advance of globalization, industrialization and informatization in the round, the enterprise wants utmost ground to increase competitive capacity, the administrative idea of ERP is the powerful weapon that Chinese company place needs. This is self-evident! But using the level, ERP counts 3 main essential factor badly, namely ERP user, executive service and software product, the backside with any ERP successful case, come from this 3 person the benign development between and promote each other. The ERP case that any fails, all problems also come from element of this 3 gist.

Generally speaking, the level of management of medium and small businesses is global not tall, but, at present the great majority of popular business management software on the market is designed in the light of big company, the price pattern of tall, management also may not is applicable, accordingly, IT is in of medium and small businesses popularize a process relatively slow, medium and small businesses is right of IT use a level general also and inferior. To the enterprise, capital, personnel and management are applied ERP restrict an element, the administrative existing state of affairs of the complex degree because of ERP software, high executive cost and oneself is hard the obstacle of exceed, to medium and small businesses particularly such.

To medium and small businesses, can you avoid to manage administrative levels various, decision-making slow? Ill " of Quot; big company, hold peculiar nimble position, this is medium and small businesses relatively big company compare a dominant position. But sale channel is little, market information is slow, production and management lack a standard to wait for the heel of Achilles that is competition ability of lack of medium and small businesses however. Carry the product technology research and development of market of agile mechanism, press close to, and business affairs of enterprise informatization, electron, intellectual property application and protection, medium and small businesses can enjoy service of technical innovation, contemporary news and modern other people to shed a service with inferior cost, of IT apply and enterprise informatization makes first time of medium and small businesses has an opportunity, stand likely also on same scratch line to begin to compete with big company.
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