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Identify ERP solution - - ERP reasonable type selecting is referenced
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Do not know from when to begin, solution (solution) become fashionable rise, accompany informatization especially warm up, the solution became core and central issue, the process of ERP of enterprise type selecting, make the judge process to the solution almost, this give no cause for more criticism, but often oversight a main problem: After all the solution that what is " competent " ?

Just as its name implies, the solution is to solve of the enterprise problem or achieve some to plant target, requirement, normative and offerred Proposal (proposal book) , the proposal book that approbates via the enterprise also becomes knowledge definitely plan. Come so, how to identify a solution to become the bottleneck issue of enterprise type selecting. In the light of ERP project character, the scope of the solution is very wide, according to divide the solution that optimizes for flow with the point orderly early or late (include technological process design of group of improvement, local or full weight, organization and station design, performance design) ; The solution of ERP system (the administrative informatization of whole or partial technological process, if demand affirms, systematic function matchs etc) ; Network (include long-range) solution; Hardware and systematic configuration solution are waited a moment, from current condition the analysis looks, hind two kinds of solutions often error is not big, be carried out more easily and control a venture. The key depends on in front two kinds of solutions, often let an enterprise feel the difficulty big zephyr of choice is controlled hard nearly, actually 4 kinds of solutions also are like next logistic relations:

The enterprise often communicates with a few advisory companies and ERP system supplier, the requirement that the goal that the issue that introduces business presence, need achieves, business improves, invite advisory company and software vendor to undertake survey to the enterprise even, ask in proper time Duan Li offers a solution next, do not have a fault to enterprise itself but character, but how to evaluate it is not easy to refer the solution that come up. It is delegate and the solution that are a delegate with software vendor in order to consult a company to have " of " individual character very much, but " of referred catholicity of solution " is too sufficient, what divided nevertheless to a lot of plan is OK appearance is " of article of " eight -part essay, such plan are to have, whether solving a problem still is a problem.

"The revolution that IT runs " to appear to had become an enterprise to implement ERP project namely is enunciative, this also is the result that advisory company and software vendor travel energetically and popularizes, bring about which enterprise to want to carry out ERP to have the feeling of a situation full of danger, but the content in the solution does not have body now so common of Jing world be astonished, zhang Guan of " of description of function of widespread presence " , " plum? Quot; and " content stencil change the suspicion of " . Why to give this speech?  
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