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Mass rally of mark of be linked together is low-key end ERP occupation standard
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ERP(company natural resources manages) the standard publishs inadequacy formally two months, but this standard already aroused many controversy inside course of study. As we have learned, end at the beginning of November first mass rally of mark of ERP standard be linked together is very low-key, on media cannot find relevant report basically, the extensive story of the media when this and standard are born forms bright contrast.

According to reporter understanding, the company of ERP software production of dissent is in what arise possibly generally to this standard in executive process enter camp to express concern. Senior vice president pays Inc. of information of Shanghai rich branch brave express when accepting a reporter to interview, of standard of ERP of rich division welcome come on stage, but the market forestall that rich division fights any forms all the time, and in commercialize the domestic ERP market with not high rate, the ERP standard that already came on stage will is opposite probably on fact of accomplish sth of certain business body " camp " .

Those who pay brave is anxious not without the truth. It is reported, have the ERP occupation standard that implements formally from October 1, entrust productivity of ministry of science and technology to promote a center to make by MII, take the lead by this center IT and Deng Chao of promotion ministry minister, enterprise of many 20 ERP is participated in make finish. Because these 20 enterprises are given priority to with domestic ERP manufacturer, in establishing a procedure accordingly, the foreign ERP tycoon such as SAP ever had raised objection.

To a few enterprises be anxious, deng Chao did not wish to talk more when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago. He just expresses, the plenary meeting of mark of be linked together that will reach to will be held in Hangzhou on November 2 on October 30 " very successful " , many 40 ERP manufacturer attends, also include SAP among them -- " the enterprise that I suggest those have doubt, should learn to learn new standard well. " he still expresses, the earliest end of this month will concern an orgnaization spread out the attestation that is based on new standard to ERP product together.

When Deng Chao accepts media to interview before this, emphasize again and again, ERP standard is not mandatory occupation standard, executive purpose is to hope the power that uses the market comes normative industry, let an user eliminate a company -- " of standard of a few short of in small firm nature can be washed out. "

Nevertheless, different point of view thinks, IT change quickly, ERP itself still is in ceaseless development change, the real significance with ERP accordingly current level is not great. "Those companies that enlist metric system to decide are in apparently product certification respect will take chance of give first priority to, this is apparent to other company not fair, if accordingly by ' fall into disuse ' , that has the principle that violates market fairness to compete more. " the personage inside the course of study that does not wish to disclose a full name is evaluated so.
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