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Small-sized ERP market is taken a fancy to in the United States
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Editor's note: Is ERP software in is foreign market what kind of? It is in kingdom of this American software, is the user how to choose software? Article author Mr Sang Jinsong ever had the market of ERP software of 7 years and sale experience in home, after emigrant United States, still work in ERP software industry. Sharp district contrast, made him write down the character below, hope his feeling and thinking can be helped somewhat to domestic reader.

The chinese mainland a few years ago, collected all and well-known ERP trademark on the world almost. Now, a few manufacturers had stood firm and begin results; Still have a few once brilliant, struggling hard however nowadays; And another some of manufacturer lost patience, exited Chinese market cloudily. Review the western software of Chinese inland, with medium-sized give priority to with large-scale software, basically face large foreign capital or joint ventures to reach a few large and state-owned company, the flying development of Chinese economy offerred a lot of opportunities for these software firms. Nevertheless, we also should see a large number of medium and small businesses are in at the same time rise abruptly quickly, they are having very pressing demand to business management software, the mature software that medium and small businesses applies to from function and price on the market however is very finite however.

The ERP software market that is in the United States and China rather -- large-scale software firm slow and steady, do-nothing and treat; Medium or small software firm is active enterprising, make a showy display of one's abilities. The United States is country of the world's biggest finished product entrance, a large number of cheap and fine products everyday in a steady stream swarms into the United States ceaselessly, and the manufacturing industry of American mainland as a result of high labor cost, lost competition ability already. Did not have manufacturing industry, the ERP application of closed circuit also is mentioned with respect to have no way. Accordingly, the market of large-scale software is very limited, executive cost is very high also. I ever encountered an executive adviser that has letter of SAP manufacturing industry, because cannot be found,the job can be in a company become systematic manager only.

Under photograph comparing, american cent is sold or say wholesale industry is very thriving however, many entrance product sells business to approve through these cent by abroad manufacturer send shopkeeper, send finally in consumer hand, formed those who import goods to supply chain. Chain is supplied in this in, cent sells business is the most important one link, money of information of product code, stock, client information, receivable Zhang, all these data must have a software to help government, diminutive is consequently primary ERP software is very popular. This kind of software was included general ledger, receivable, deal with, inventory, purchase, sale and simple MRP module, tell strictly cannot calculate make ERP software, but the person that bisect sells line of business is already enough, some people are flat call this kind of software finance affairs or accounting system. The Peach Tree with American at present popular market, quick Books, MAS90, accpac, SBT, macola, the software such as Syspro all belongs to this kind. Software giant Microsoft won't abandon market of medium and small businesses more, after be in and buying Navision and Great Plains, already occupied position in the ERP software market that faces medium and small businesses.
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