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ERP moves toward platform to change
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"Golden abacus " recommend product of VP of administrative software platform

On October 31, "Upgrade ERP, trend platform is changed " on the press conference, east Yang Chun of general manager of company of soft gold abacus is in recommend its when newest core manages product of software platform VP, give off character of a person of extraordinary powers to want to do " the Intel of Chinese software industry " .

According to Yang Chun's explanation, east the V since Velocity in VP of soft gold abacus (fast) , it is Value (value) , the platform that realizes value quickly on behalf of kind product. It whether the soft chip in making Chinese management software truly, become the hope that holds software in the palm?

The crisis of function product

Advance what build a career as our country informatization ceaselessly, "Drive industrialization with informatization " national policy development is carried out fulfil, ground of like a raging fire of informatization of medium and small businesses spreads out, so the sort of be fooled and go up the situation of ERP has been replaced by rational and careful place, people begins to pay close attention to ERP to carry out successful core element.

Yang Chun thinks, traditional function ERP " it is a center with the product " concept, force an user to manage concept and thought mediumly to adjust an enterprise to organize a structure in the product according to solidify in order to get used to a product, often build a system that close consequently, undertake a large number of modification according to the characteristic of user demand hard; And traditional object-oriented technology design also makes development 2 times difficult and heavy. This was caused " rate of ERP executive success is low " impression.

How to save traditional ERP, where is made above water? The answer that Yang Chun gives out is " trend platform is changed " .

Trend platform is changed

In the process that comes in transition of software of by finance affairs, soft gold abacus had accumulated object of many ERP business east, after having ERP pattern high abstraction, component of administrative software function is increasingly perfect, the client's demand grows day and day, from the amount model, gain ground model the quality that uses development to now application, the market begins maturity. Count on what do not do any altering to ERP software to be copied 100 percent, cannot have satisfied the client's requirement apparently. The occurrence of platform is accidental anything but.

Occupy Yang Chun to divulge, 2000, in the as biggest as our country application software supplier east during soft share undertakes asset recombines, soft gold abacus begins to plan to want to transfer to platform product supplier from function product supplier east.
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