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China number ERP interlinks solution of the trade that rent
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One, rent sell an introduction

Setting & is defined

As 90 time later period, domestic estate warms up gradually from trough, during to last year price of house of Shenzhen of the end of the year rises to day price, the whole nation lifted estate to develop heat. Civil residence village is dotted kind blossom in countrywide each district, to lead moving energy of life, also be to win more favourable get one's own back at the same time, commercial real estate of China also achieved all-time progress. Development business often is not willing to be on the management of commercial real estate drag in energy, the business that often can seek major runs company operation, or oneself establish company of a commercial management to undertake the banner leaves commercial real estate, to management company, relative to character is hired in management mode it is the simplest undoubtedly, the pattern of a kind of management of cost of carry of the the directest, most economic battalion, the manpower cost that it needs is the lowest, this made a kind of choice. In the meantime, on the other hand, the gives priority to body with general merchandise inn shopping centers that the arisen, traditional general merchandise of large shopping center begins to develop below competitive pressure also is to use a kind when hire management pattern to reflect.

As the grow in quantity of door inn, controller sells to renting raised taller requirement:

1, rent sell the plan of field, build, manage fall in centralized constituent system run;

2, unified commercial figure, undertake via battalion policy battalion carries in order to unite;

3, the need that gets used to management, property right asks to unite, cannot break up;

4, the option that values a customer, offer for the client one-stop shopping service;

5, the photograph neighbour that has sufficient amount and convenient parking lot;

6, have favorable shopping environment, offer the characteristic such as recreation, recreational, meal to serve integratedly;

7, the contribution that new business is encircled or creation updates an area.

In the meantime, controller sells to renting execute centralized centralized management, rent sell of field move daily, replenish onr's stock of security personnel, clean, maintenance and sales promotion activity is organically undertakes, communal space executes unified managing, share for all shopkeeper and shopper. Operator does not share management, hand in overhead expenses to controller regularly, and possessory do not participate in with controller manage, hire income does not have immediate impact with management state.

This shows, rent selling a the biggest characteristic is can contented client is one-stop shopping consumption and one-stop enjoy!

Management fixed position is analysed

Distinguish from management fixed position, the basis is rented sell the fixed position of core cause client of field and radiation limits to judge, main component is two kinds of forms: Community and metropolis. Reference issues a list:
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