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Cent of high-quality goods of China number ERP sells trade solution
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High-quality goods cent is sold is the burgeoning industry with at present rapid development, belong to current business line of business as a whole. Its sale manages general component to be 3 class government, include head office, branch to arrive 9 big access 3 administrative levels. 9 big access are to point to brand shop of agency, retail sales, bazaar commonly shop, consign for sale on commission, agent, agency, concessionary join in, sell field, group to buy greatly, this 9 big access covered high-quality goods basically to divide those who sell a business to sell the level individually. General high-quality goods component sells an enterprise to be able to a few the home, future can have hundreds of point of sales, what these point of sales sell constituent framework according to company component is different, hold the different position that sells a framework in cent respectively.
Cent sells the bridge part between the person that acting commodity to offer and ultimate consumer, to satisfy the need of the market adequately, cent sells business to should have extremely tall flexibility and rigorous government. Spend constant growth of the system as cent, cent sells segment progressively grow in quantity, goods in stock and the job of collect statistic analysis that sell information are mainer and mainer, head office need sells the sale of bit of bazaar and inventory case according to each cent, undertake in time distributing goods, filling money, quit goods, allocate and transfer. What sell a system for safeguard is smooth, the real time information that content spreads is quite important, and this only support handiwork is operated or the software with insufficient maturity achieves well and truly administration very hard. Accordingly, build collectivize cent to sell a management information system as soon as possible, assistance undertakes the each respect ground such as commodity, goods in stock, price, sales promotion, channel, client manages, promote company whole performance, become numerous high-quality goods to assign a task of top priority that sells a business.
China number is based on many client survey and oneself to sell a domain to be accumulated deeply in domestic IT cent with solid Wu experience, rolled out suit high-quality goods cent to sell the cent of high-quality goods of Yi Fei ERP that real business runs the company to sell a solution, this solution can cogent settlement high-quality goods cent sells an enterprise to divide the of all kinds problem that in selling business, encounters and operation management need in home. DCMS wishs to assist cent of domestic high-quality goods to sell an enterprise to promote government with good product and service, enhance competition ability.

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