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Solution of trade of general merchandise of China number ERP
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One, condition of general merchandise industry introduces

The earliest general merchandise inn produces the France 1852, be born from condition of this one industry, general merchandise industry grows with respect to high speed in the whole world, make each country trade the brunt of each industry condition. The general merchandise course of study of our country is in 20 centuries before 90 time half period it is ” of “ gold period, but begin from 1997, get stage by stage condition of other line of business (chain supermarket, big sell field, brand shop, shopping center) concussion, general merchandise course of study enters comprehensive and atrophic phase. Whether to return to condition of general merchandise industry inside course of study have vitality, still have what appeal to consumer, have a lot of discussion, a lot of scholars think condition of general merchandise industry cannot have returned former days brilliant. However recently course of study of two years of general merchandise coruscate new lease of life. From the following data we can see: 2001-2005 year, because Chinese economy maintains,last high-speed develops, year the average growth of GDP is amounted to 10% the left and right sides, countrywide company hold a conference or consultation tastes year of average increase rate of total volume of retail sales also achieve 12% above. Total volume of retail sales of Chinese society merchandise already amounted to 6.7 trillion yuan 2005, amplitude 12.9% , was 1997 the fastest level since, among them growth of turnover of inn of large general merchandise amounts to 13 % . Industry of this shows general merchandise has very strong vitality and competition ability. According to the industry condition definition of Department of Commerce, our country defines as follows to general merchandise course of study:

Inn of “ general merchandise is to point to inside an edifice, establish sale division according to different commodity branch, begin replenish onr's stock, management, operation, contented client chooses the retail trade form of demand to fashionable commodity diversification. ”

Face the expressional formally of consumer from general merchandise course of study, general merchandise merchant wants a feature to be as follows:

The place is good: Businessman optional location, often be located in the center of urban traffic, finance, culture, content shedding, stream of people;

Breed is whole: Merchandise trade is planted complete, with cap of shoe of dress of high-quality goods of male and female, electric home appliances

Scale is large: Business area wants enough big, often have multilayer, every have specific commodity group;

Fixed position is high: Management commodity great majority is brand merchandise, monovalent, order and degree is high, also pay attention to shopping environment relatively additionally;
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