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China number ERP interlinks retail industry solution
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 One, industry condition introduces

Retail industry is one of the oldest industries on human history, as to chain retail, china is ancient also and have, the chain drugstore that from year period contented the chain produce of Zhugong model gourd ladle sells cliff of Qing Chaohu snow, arrive again modern lucky Fu auspicious interlink cloth art to buy the history that also had a few chiliad the least only. Traditional China type is retail the kind that sells with bar is given priority to, as go up century 90 time, on international a few famous retail businesses enter China in succession, also introduce a few new retail pattern China, wait like supermarket, convenience inn, discount store.

Going up century before 90 time, chinese production technology is backward produce can insufficient, all sorts of commodity demand exceeds supply, commodity is retail and long-term be in seller's market, each gross profit that retail business can hold more expensive, arrived in 90 time later period, the market has turned into from the bargainor buyer's market. On one hand, as productivity level rise ceaselessly, the breed amount that social product supplies is ceaseless and substantial, enter especially since closing, a large number of high grade commodity swarm into abroad China, industry competition is more and more intense also on the other hand, resemble a Le Fu, Woerma, Mai Delong, Seven To Eleven to wait for these international tycoons to enter China to cause huge impact to retail industry of home especially.

What so the gross profit of retail business changes is lower and lower, below this kind of circumstance, want to be inside this industry stand firm foot, by is high gross profit no longer. The cost that who can control him depress effectively, who can be being managed, the ceaseless innovation on management and strategy, who can just live in this industry go down, the demand that retail industry informatization builds also from this and unripe.

   2, management mode analysis

  Industry condition mode is analysedIn interlinking retail industry to be in system of flow of goods most approach terminal customer locally, traditional retail business joins terminal consumer advanced position sells manufacturer of connective of business, agent through layer upon layer cent downstream. As a result of,interlink retail business, much system of door inn amount is huge, often cross layer upon layer cent to sell acting upper reaches to follow manufacturer dialog directly, downstream service at terminal consumer, the layer upon layer cent that crossed cent to sold a representative to reduce profit on one hand so pares, because purchase,measure on the other hand big, there also is heavier speech to counterpoise when negotiating with the supplier, obtain more favourable price easily, assured thereby relative to higher gross profit.


Manage in commodity on hold distribute concurrently, sell goods on a commission basis (by cost, by buckle rate) , the diversified economy such as the affiliation means;
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