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Solution of trade of medicine of China number ERP
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Medical industry introduces

Front of pharmacy line of business is faced from conventional technology the transition process to modern technology; Current domain also is faced with medicine to reform concussion in the round, new industrial structure is being formed. Medical industry production value is added fast far outclass is other the industry is average level. The boom of the industry is badly in need of promoting whole level of management, more intense also to the applied requirement of informatization technology.

Chain length of medical industry industry, arrive again to medicine of chemical raw material from industrial chemicals Western medicine finished product, from Chinese traditional medicine material arrives in officinal. Consider ultimate consumer is used, integral industry catenary still includes the many segment such as wholesale, retail, medical establishment.

Medical industry can differentiate again by compositive enterprise for: Health care of medical production company, medicine is tasted reach consumable to produce equipment of enterprise, medical treatment to produce orgnaization of company of business of enterprise, medicine, medical establishment, scientific research. Among them, commercial company can differentiate further for wholesale, retail two sort. And pharmacy business but fractionize is 4 kinds big: Medicines and chemical reagents (Western medicine / Chinese traditional medicine / in officinal) , medical apparatus and instruments, chemical preparation and vitreous instrument.

Measure of medical industry business is numerous, at present domestic current domain has 130 thousand or so, wholesale 13 thousand, retail 115 thousand; Manufacturing company makes an appointment with many 5000, manufacturing breed 10 thousand a variety of, medicine of makings of its Central Plains 1400 kinds, preparation medicine 4000 kinds, plant medicine 8000 kinds. Compare with photograph of foreign developed country, measure of industry of our country pharmacy is much, breed of single company production is little; Retail business measure satisfies the current situation with much wide ground of our country person hard. Look from income structure, the income proportion that the big company of 20 % holds is an industry 30 - 40 % left and right sides, overall and the dimensions of character enterprise is so lesser still.

The operation efficiency of medical industry is low main as a result of many respects: Although say medical industry is the industry of a fast growth, high income, our country enterprise manages efficiency as a result of whole however very low, bring about trade deficit range to be as high as 30 % above; Circulating fund takes up tall, the 40 % of 30 ~ that money of medical trade manufactured goods, receivable Zhang holds company circulating fund, cause industry whole capital rate of going from place to place is low; Cost of sales is tall, manage hard.