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Solution of industry of beverage of food of China number ERP
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Food beverage industry introduces

Industry of our country food is the industry with an intense competition, average profit margin is low, but market vacuum is giant, produce and sale all has increase a space considerably. In will develop henceforth, the consumption of food and demand will be finished mix to pursuit quality, nutrition, safe, diversity by pursuit amount convenient model change, because this feeds moral course of study to expand foreground and latent capacity tremendous, the risk is opposite and talk is smaller. From the point of statistical data, come nearly 10 years, chinese food industry is annual and average develop with the speed of 10.2% , very significant position was held in national economy.

Food industry although class is various, and size of production method, equipment and configuration each have different, but can try these production processes to classify Baconian, the main operation unit of food project includes commonly: Stock is carried, clean, classification, broken, mix, detached, emulsification, conduct heat, condense, dry, refrigeration, vacuum is operated and pack. The complex degree that food machines mirrorred the on any account of level of industrial science and technology already, the size of adumbrative also economic benefits. Treatment is more careful, use rate integratedly taller, additional cost exceeds the product tall.