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Solution of industry of automobile of China number ERP
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Steam matchs industry introduction

Steam matchs a trade is large-scale the industry that cooperate with. The industry is involved extensive, chemical industry, electron, machining, metal is cast etc; Producer type is varied, for instance metal treatment belongs to disperse model make, and balata, glass belong to flow type. Steam matchs the main product of the industry to have:

● metal adds workpiece to include beat of device of bridge of Che Liang, car, apply the brake, brake to wait;

Punch of ● Ban gold adds workpiece to include casing of gasoline tank, muffle, door, car to wait;

● notes model spray include chimney of face plate of bumper, appearance, light to wait;

● car interior trim include seat, plaque, sunshade board, carpet to wait;

● electron Electromechanical include a car air conditioning, electronic-controlled door lock, electronic-controlled car window, scuttle;

● is electronic-controlled circuit include minute of bundle of group, line to accuse terminal to wait;

● balata include tire, car to protect canal, sealed spacer to wait with vitta, balata;

● glass include pane of windshield, car to wait;

Car line of business of home grows with breathtaking speed at present, produce and sale innovates repeatedly tall. Go 3 years, the car that our country makes every year and light-duty lorry already jumped from 1.8 million 3.8 million. But of the market grow quickly to leader plant and factory of form a complete set, added more challenge, fulfil the coming commitment that enter a life especially, those who face car market is comprehensive and open, besides in produce can, the respect such as quality, sale, own technology is optimized continuously outside, how to use advanced government effectively mode and moving mechanism, build it is core with leader plant, factory of form a complete set is the close together industry catenary of periphery, the competition ability that elevates whole industry quickly chain will make car trade whether in the crucial essential factor that development lives in intense with each passing day market competition.

Well-known, the competitive mode of contemporary company has evolved into the competition that is industrial catenary, automobile industry is highlighted particularly. Mix in product inventory to compress reduce manufacturing cost, a cost that leader plant knows regular meeting utmost and risk impute to are downstream steam matchs a manufacturer, factory of requirement form a complete set offers supplier management storehouse (VMI) , can the basis needs on time, by the quantity, be produced by quality of a material and offer money. Be in leader plant however look board in production, often can give out for some time only inside limits roughly demand, next again basis everyday or every a long time look board the demand comes replenish onr's stock, this matchs a company with respect to need steam can seasonable basis looks board the manufacturing plan that change and adjusts oneself of the amount. Consequently, the metabolic amount of the plan is very large, very tall also to planning the requirement of accuracy and seasonable sex.
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